APC Industrial Flooring Range

The Industry Standard in Industrial Flooring

The Key To Specifying the Right Products, the Right Method, and the Right Surface

Preparation to Meet the Individual Requirements of Your Work Environment

APC Industrial 7-10mm SL:

Premium cementitious self-levelling resurfacing system with an MPA higher than concrete providing a floor able to withstand even the harshest industrial environments.

APC Industrial 1-7mm Resurfacer:

With an MPA of 90, this industrial strength cementitious repair mortar has been resin modified for performance, is both featherable and able to fulfil high build applications. Ideal for heavy traffic zones and work areas, yet provides a beautiful modern finish suitable for showrooms and retail areas.

APC Industrial Premium Epoxy Resin:

Formulated for performance flooring, this extremely tough self-levelling resin has, exceptional adhesion, shore d hardness, UV blockers, and is used in virtually any, environment. Fully impervious to water, this system is easy to clean and maintain, is recommended with a slip resistant additive, and is fast to install.

APC Industrial Sealer:

This is not an acrylic sealer. APC Industrial Sealer is a 2 component solvent borne resin sealer with more than twice the solids content of traditional sealers.

Being resin based, APCIS is much harder and longer lasting than its acrylic rival, will make for a floor that is much easier to clean and maintain, and the cost difference is minimal.

APC Industrial Concrete Enhancer:

Designed as a decorative finish, the Concrete Enhancer is the perfect clear finish for concrete surfaces – providing the look of polished concrete without all the grinding. Also used as a coating over polished or honed concrete. Comes in gloss and matte.

APC Industrial Glass Finish Epoxy Resin:

The premium in decorative finishes, Glass Finish provides unreal depth and beauty giving you the ultimate high end finish for the retail sector. Very easy to clean and maintain.

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