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Colloidal Silica

ERFLA Colloidal Silica stands out from its competitors as the premium choice amongst penetrative / impregnating waterproofing systems on the market.

Espousing high penetration into the concrete matrix, exceptional reaction with integral materials for hydro-gel creation, Colloidal Silica is designed for permanent and guaranteed waterproofing performance on concrete surfaces.

Colloidal Silica meets the Australian Standard AS1884-2012, and provides the additional benefits to your concrete investment:

Hawk CFC applied Colloidal Silica Perth:

  • Can be applied to any untreated concrete surface
  • Penetrates up to 100mm into the concrete sub-surface
  • Provides permanent waterproofing
  • Strengthens and densifies the entire slab
  • Dust-proofs the concrete
  • Leaves the surface 2mm porous for the application and adhesion key of floor coverings

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