Servicing all of Perth and Western Australia, Hawk CFC has over 10 years of experience providing premium durable coating solutions

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Commercial Floor Coatings

Where Performance Matters Most

Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings is a leading installer of a variety of different commercial flooring systems and commercial floor coatings. Based in Perth, Hawk CFC has expert knowledge in the use of industrial strength resins, performance coatings, and specialised sealing systems. Whether you need a high functioning safety floor or a simple seal or colour, we will work with you to find your best flooring option.

It is our superior range of products and expertise that such a wide range of companies choose Hawk CFC for their flooring needs.

What Types of Commercial Floor Coatings Are Available To You?

Waterproofing Membrane

5. Waterproof Membranes; flexible surface membranes, some of which can maintain under high traffic and are UV stable.

Concrete Sealing

6. Dust-Proofing; designed to reduce the “dusting-off” of concrete, and wearing away of the surface

ERFLA No-Peel Paint

7. Concrete Painting: Epoxy “resin” or dedicated concrete sealers/coatings are a far better option than any kind of paint (even epoxy paint) when it comes to adhesion and longevity. We offer a budget-friendly epoxy resin that mimics the properties of paint without compromising on longevity. Hawk CFC does not recommend painting concrete under any circumstances.

Silikal Satin Concrete Enhancer
Line Marking

9. Safety Demarcation; when you need line-marking and safety zones

Industrial Flooring

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    Rapid-Cure Resin: 24 Hour Turnaround

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    Chemical Resistant Resin Flooring

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    Benefits of Commercial Floor Coatings

    There is significant research that has been done to prove the sustainability of resin floor coatings under various harsh conditions. Our resins are scientifically designed and manufactured to withstand a large range of conditions including resisting dust, dirt, chemicals and heavy vehicle traffic. Our resin floors are suitable for a range of industries such as commercial kitchens, hospitality, bars, restaurants, cafes, pharmaceutical, warehouses, workshops, garages, retail, residential homes and many more.

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    You will first notice your flooring is not living up to its potential when your workflow slows down or the overall look of your work space is deteriorating. The surface under your feet determines whether or not you can drive vehicles on it, walk quickly without slipping or tripping, use chemicals, oils or abrasive materials without fear of damage, spend hours cleaning it and generally just present a professional first impression to customers.

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