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Flooring for LIFE

Servicing all of Perth, Hawk CFC has over 17 years of experience providing premium commercial kitchen floors.

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Hawk CFC’s commercial kitchen floors are impervious, non-slip, food-grade, HACCP accredited, easy-to-clean, with fast installation.

Watch the video and see the installation of Silikal R72 rapid cure resin at Mrs. Macs pie factory in Perth.

If a commercial kitchen floor is central to your business, then make the most of it by investing in a bright, seamless, clean, safe and hygienic resin floor. No grout lines to scrub, no bacteria growing under the vinyl, no peeling paint, just a rock hard resin floor in the colour of your choice. Invest in your business and boost your staff job satisfaction with Hawk CFC’s exclusive range of HACCP accredited, Silikal©  kitchen flooring systems.

The Silikal© commercial kitchen flooring range is a rapid-cure resin, which dramatically reduces the down-time of your business with as little as a 1-hour curing time. When shutting down your business simply isn’t an option, we are the business you can rely on to get the job done.

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Benefits of Kitchen Floors

The benefit of a commercial kitchen floor has everything to do with the benefits of running your business. Don’t spend more time than you need to when cleaning, sanitising, replacing and repairing your floors. Hawk CFC Commercial kitchen floors allow you to focus on the things your passionate about in your business.

Kitchen floors are best done by a professional application team who can handle the surface preparation, and install a resin floor that will meet your safety and hygiene requirements, saving you time and money every day.

Industrial grade floor coating systems are suitable for all food preparation areas, oily and grubby areas, catering houses, food storage facilities, cool rooms, commercial kitchens.

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Recent Kitchen Floors Project

  • Rendezvous Hotel – Scarborough

  • The Shorehouse – Swanbourne

  • Jaylea’s Patisserie – Willagee

  • Mrs Macs – Morley

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See below our most popular options for Commercial Kitchen floor coatings, however there are a variety of options available.

ERFLA Mineral Rich RFSL

ERFLA Mineral Rich RFSL
How to Measure Your Floor

Area / Size
Even just knowing a rough area size will be helpful. We can properly measure your space at a later date.

The Cost of an Epoxy Floor Coating

We can work with all budgets to meet your needs.

Floor Resin Coving

Do you require coving? If so, how many lineal metres?

HACCP Certified

Do you require HACCP accreditation or Food-Grade Solutions?


How many drains are there in the area to be coated? Are they regular or spoon drains?

Falls to Drains Epoxy Screed

Falls to Drains
Are there existing falls to drains? If not, do you require us to install falls?

Designer Flooring

Designer or Mono
What is the final finish you want on your floor? Single-colour or designer finish?

Existing Floor Removal

Existing Floor
What is on the floor currently? Does it need removing? If bare concrete, is it old or new?

Rapid Cure Resin

Curing Time
How much downtime can you afford? In some instances we can arrange an overnight return to service.

Understanding Slip Resistence

Slip Rating
What level of slip resistance will you require to keep you safe?