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HAWK CFC provides superior concrete coatings

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HAWK CFC is a trusted name in Western Australia for high quality concrete floor coatings.

Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings has been in operation for over a decade and specialises in the specification and installation of concrete floor coatings for residential, commercial, industrial and mining applications. The surface you walk on happens to be vitally important to the running of any workplace, and the last thing you need is a poor performing or unfit finish. Yet there’s a surprising amount to consider when it comes to selecting the right system.

Concrete Coating is a very general term that can mean any of the following:

– Application of clear protective sealer to vulnerable concrete slabs.
– The process of changing a concrete surface to make it harder and more resistant to damage, chemical attack, wear and tear.
– The installation of decorative resurfacing solutions such as: Concrete Painting, Resin Marble Effects, Flake Floors and decorative epoxy finishes, Concrete Polishing.

The good news is that Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings can help you with any of the above and more.

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