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Concrete Floor Cost

There’s always one main question on everyone’s lips – “how much is it going to cost?” Unlike other products, installing a concrete floor coating involves much more than just the cost of materials at a m2 rate.

There are a variety of factors that can affect the overall cost and at Hawk CFC, we are serious about being transparent from the beginning by showing you exactly what factors may appear mid-job, requiring additional work to be done. If you receive a locked-in, per m2 rate from a company who do not discuss these possibilities with you, proceed with caution!

You can read more about how to budget for your concrete floor coating on our blog ‘The Cost of an Epoxy Floor Coating‘ and how to avoid misleading quotes in our blog ‘9 Things you must know before coating your concrete floor‘.

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Choosing The Right Approach For Your Floor and Your Budget

While choosing a resin floor coating feels like the more expensive option when it is installed, it is often the most cost-effective solution in the long-run. With resin flooring, you will have less maintenance and a longer-lasting floor than many other forms of flooring.

But to be fair, no everyone can fork out a greater cost up front, so what types of floors are actually the most economical? Starting from the lower end of the price spectrum and finishing with the higher cost flooring, here are a few of your options.

Lower Cost Options

Estherell System

Estherell System

This system is one of the most cost-effective system on the market, but it requires the project to be a new build or the concrete to be recently poured and steel trowelled.


This low-cost, low-maintenance, designer finish is perfect for anyone on a budget who is just looking for a mid-performance, good-looking floor. This floor even featured in the June edition of the 2018 Real Living magazine!

Mid-Range Options

ERFLA Concrete Enhancer

ERFLA Concrete Enhancer

Possibly the lowest cost, decent floor on the market, that is suitable for anyone with both old and new concrete. It consists of the correct surface preparation for your specific floor, followed by a resin based sealer-enhancer that draws out the raw beauty of the concrete and enhances the character of your floor. Easy to clean, natural and very cost-effective.

ERFLA Modified Acrylic

ERFLA Modified Acrylic

ERFLA Modified Acrylic Concrete Sealer is a hard-wearing, stain resistant concrete coating (available in clear or coloured), that provides a beautiful high gloss finish, as well as a high level of stain resistance. The Modified Acrylic doesn’t provide the same “enhancement” (deepening of colours) as the Concrete Enhancer, but it provides the other performance characteristics.



In our personal opinion, this system is the best option on the market for quick, easy and budget-friendly. Priced at less than some tiles or floorboards, this beautiful Stone-Chip finish has a range of blends, is incredibly easy to maintain, and unlike polished concrete, easy to repair if major impact was to occur.

High-End Options

ERFLA Insitu Spaces

ERFLA Insitu Spaces

The Insitu Spaces range comes in a variety of finishes and is a highly sought-after finish in cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars and residential homes. This highly-decorative finish, depending on particular variables, can also behave as a self-levelling compound for floor levelling.

Polished Concrete

Traditional Polished Concrete

Polished concrete with exposed aggregate (stone showing through) has been exceedingly popular over the last decade. As popular as it is, more and more people are realising the excessive costs that can be involved in mechanical polished concrete and therefore opt in for a polished concrete look-alike product, saving on time and money. In many cases, people do not notice whether the finished product is mechanical polished concrete or a cheaper alternative with a similar look.



Flex-plate is a totally different type of flooring when it comes to a liquid floor installation. We have never come across a floor like it, and it will not disappoint. For those who require extreme performance in their floor, and need it to last for life, this is the floor for you. This liquid-plate flooring is slightly flexible, excessively hard-wearing and has a stunning finish.



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