Concrete Flooring Resurfacing

The Heavy Duty Industrial Flooring Solution

Tougher Than Concrete – Fast Install – Complete Resurfacing

Hawk CFC introduces the APC Industrial 7-10mm SL, a flooring solution suitable for heavy traffic and heavy use including trucks, forklifts, and machinery. APC SL is the premium industrial flooring system surpassing concrete is compressive strength as well as delivering a smooth, serviceable finished product.

Applied by diesel powered projection pump equipment (our German manufactured Putzmeister SP11), APC SL is mixed and pumped in a single process allowing for thousands of square metres of prepared concrete to be resurfaced in a day. The material self-levels as it is finished by a dedicated team of floor finishers.

APC SL is ideal for floors that are heavily damaged, chipped, cracked, or with a fretting surface. The surface is prepared first to provide mechanical key, then primed to consolidate the surface and provide chemical key. Once the single coat (or dual coat in some circumstances) floor is installed it can be left as a raw cementitious finish, sealed for stain protection, or have a non slip epoxy system applied to the surface.

The system can be varied to accommodate scenarios where the floor has to be installed to a lower height than 7mm, and also varied to lift the level of the floor by up to 50mm.

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Rhett Jenkins is the founder and Director of Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings. Rhett's reputation for the flooring industry extends well beyond Hawk CFC's opening in 2014 and he is well-known in the flooring industry for his expert knowledge and industry experience.

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