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How Much Do Different Types of Concrete Floors Cost?

Treating your existing concrete floor can mean a sizeable savings on your overall flooring budget. But what types of floors are actually the most economical?

Well, to be fair, there are several types of flooring that even concrete treatments can’t compete with on price. Vinyl and carpet would be the main two types of floors that can save you a lot of money. Of course with both of these you have hygiene issues, and vinyl isn’t just cheap, it looks cheap too!

So moving on to concrete flooring, there are numerous types.

On the high end of the price spectrum:

Traditional Polished Concrete: polished concrete with exposed aggregate (stone showing through) has been exceedingly popular over the last decade but is in decline as more and more people go for a more modern look. It’s also more expensive than most types of flooring.

Pearl Resin Epoxy Flooring System: As far as concrete resurfacing goes, this is about as impressive as it gets – modern, glass-like, unreal marble effect, completely seamless – but priced as much, or more than traditional polished concrete.


Stone-Resin Concrete Flooring System: Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings describes this system as the best flooring system on the market. Priced at less than tiles, or floorboards, or most other flooring systems, this beautiful Stone-Chip finish has a range of blends, is incredibly easy to maintain, and unlike polished concrete, easy to repair if major impact was to occur.

Thin-Micro Designer, and Concrete Antiquing are also fantastic mid-rage options.


Concrete Enhancer: Possibly the lowest cost decent floor on the market, consisting of the correct surface preparation followed by a resin based sealer-enhancer that draws out the raw beauty of the concrete and enhances the character of your floor. Easy to clean, natural and very cost-effective.

Modified Acrylic: The APC Industrial Modified Acrylic Concrete Sealer is a hard-wearing stain resistant concrete coating (available in clear or coloured), that provides a beautiful high gloss finish, as well as a high level of stain resistance. The Modified Acrylic doesnt provide the same “enhancement” (deepening of colours) as the Concrete Enhancer, but it provides the other performance characteristics.

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