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Concrete Painting

Never “Paint” Concrete; Here’s Why, and A Better Solution For You, By Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings

To put it bluntly, concrete and paint don’t mix. Despite what your paint store rep tells you, and what the professional painter quotes you, paint has a long track record for peeling off concrete floors.

Is it possible to get paint to stick to concrete? Sure, if you first prime it with an epoxy primer to stop it from peeling when the concrete “dusts” underneath, AND if you prevent it from wearing through by placing hard-wearing top coats over it to give you the strength characteristics of a proper flooring resin. Or you could just use a quality epoxy resin in the first place!

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Paint is fantastic on many surfaces, but is continually defeated by the porous and dusty nature of concrete – which is the reason why we are often hired to install resin floors in showrooms – even paint showrooms!

After 10 years in the flooring industry, Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings has compiled a list of Don’ts to help you choose a contractor:

1) Be cautious when the word ‘paint’ is used. Do your research on the company to decipher whether they are in the business of paint or epoxy. They are very different products.

2) Don’t rush into simply getting the paint on the floor. A little extra time on preparation can be the difference between a permanent floor and this process starting all over again in 6 months.

3) Take time to consider your needs and requirements, and get some advice on flooring benefits you can achieve at the same time as getting the floor installed. Consider the slip resistance level required, the colour, gloss level preferred, whether a food grade impervious finish is required, safety line marking, etc.

At Hawk CFC, we are in the business of permanent flooring solutions and we want to see you succeed. For more helpful tips on how to obtain and understand quotes, see our article on 9 Things you must know before coating your concrete floor.

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