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HAWK CFC specialises in remediation work, ensuring high quality and long-lasting floor finishes.

When it comes to providing high quality flooring options, preparation and remediation of old, tired surfaces are vital. When concrete has cracked over time, is attracting moisture or is full of holes and chips, it needs to be repaired in a manner that ensures the issue will not continue to occur after the final coating has been laid. In some circumstances, it will require a fiberglass coating to allow tension and movement below the surface, at other times it may require concrete or tiles to be cut away and refilled with fresh concrete or resin, and in cases of moisture, a penetrable antimicrobial and water-proofing coat must be applied. Remediation must be a permanent solution and not a band-aid that simply covers the problem momentarily. Our superior remediation techniques are able to repair concrete surfaces to the highest standard.

Concrete Remediation

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    Understanding the Scope of Works Required

    Every concrete slab is different – there are not two concrete slabs alike in the world. This means that every slab will behave differently to its surrounding environment, and there is no single remedy that will work every time without complication or drawbacks. When it comes to remediation and repairs, it is always safest and best to call on the experts to assess your needs and carry out the works. Our expert staff have the expertise to assess the situation and make any needed adjustments along the way if further environmental issues begin to present themselves, which is a common occurence when it comes to concrete slabs. Contact us today to find out more about how Hawk CFC can help you with your remediation and concrete repair needs.


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    Not all damage to your concrete is obvious right away, sometimes it is only upon removing the old flooring that the extent of damage and need for repairs becomes evident. To avoid delays and disappointment, plan for repairs and remediation in your budget to allow the project to continue smoothly. When coating a concrete slab with resin, if cracks and chips are fairly minor, we will fill these with resin to accelerate the process and create less downtime due to needed repairs. Repairing with resin will increase the amount of resin required, increasing the cost of materials, but it will reduce the cost of man-hours and delayed time in waiting for patching compounds to cure.

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