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Concrete Resurfacing

Resurfacing Systems to Level, Smooth, Repair, and Protect Concrete Floors

Concrete Resurfacing is a fast growing industry, with commercial factories, warehouses, kitchens, retail businesses relying upon a serviceable, functional and attractive floor to conduct their operations and to keep staff and clients safe. Increasing health and safety requirements has placed increasing pressure on companies to ensure their concrete flooring is in good condition.

Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings specialises in finding the right solutions for your flooring environment. Taking into account the type of traffic and use your floor needs to withstand, and budgetary restrictions, Hawk CFC looks for permanent solutions so you don’t need to re-do the floor on a regular basis – saving you money, and, more importantly future down-time.

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Concrete Floor Resurfacing: Restoring, Decorating, & Protecting Your Floor

When speaking about concrete floor resurfacing, the term can refer to any of the following processes:

1) Resurfacing a concrete slab that is in poor condition. This is a remedial action to improve a surface that has holes, cracks, pitting, fretting, or staining. The surface is suitably prepared, followed by a screed, self-level cement, epoxy mortar, or trowel applied resurfacing mortar.

Resurfacing of large, commercial or industrial floors is accomplished via projection machinery, such as a grout pump. The benefit of pump application is the massive area volume that can be installed per day. Many floors can be completed in a single day, and there are materials with a 24 hour return to service.

Some floors may require a high strength patch repair mortar to reinstate gouges or missing concrete. These materials are trowel applied, extremely hard and can cure in a matter of hours.

2) Concrete floor resurfacing to modify performance characteristics. Commercial facilities often require specific levels of resistance to:
Heavy vehicle traffic
High foot traffic
Chemical spills
Extremes in temperatures
Oils and other liquids causing slip hazards
Creating falls to waste-drains
Levelling the slab
Lifting the height and level of the concrete

There is a range of solutions to achieve these goals using floor refinishes including resin based, cement based, and water based systems.

3) Resurfacing systems to improve aesthetic appeal. Renovating your floor can transform any area, and impact majorly on the mood and feel of the work environment. While an old, dirty floor can make the whole space appear tired, a new, modern flooring system that is easy to keep clean can be an investment that improves your corporate image and helps with team morale.

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Concrete resurfacing systems include:

  • Remedial applications such as mortar repair systems, crack repairs, waterproofing, dust-proofing;
  • Self-levelling cements to completely resurface un-level or pitted/damaged concrete
  • Epoxy resin resurfacing systems to provide an easy to clean or non-slip surface
  • Decorative systems to improve the aesthetic quality of the floor
  • Or all of the above in a quality specified system
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