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Hawk CFC provide superior concrete sanding services in Perth and throughout Western Australia.

It is important to choose the correct surface preparation before coating your floor with the final product. Concrete Sanding is one of many options available, and it appropriate when there is an existing coating of paint, epoxy or sealer and is going to be re-coated with a similar product; in this instance, the floor simply requires to be ‘keyed’, with small scratches created on the old surface to ensure good adhesion between coatings.

Concrete sanding involves the use of drum and rotary sanders, as well as hand-tool sanders for harder to reach places, such as the edges of the room. The sanders use sanding-screens with a range of grit sizes for harsher abrasion and deeper scratches, or softer with a smoother finish.

Concrete Sanding

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    If the existing coating or paint is a durable, two-component epoxy or polyurethane and you plan on re-coating with a similarly hard product, then you only need to remove the gloss from the surface and leave micro scratches with a minimum of 120 grit. However, if a clear or a thin coat is being applied over the top, then you must ensure that no part of the coating is removed during sanding. In this case, a consistent finish  with minimal scratching is needed so it does not show through the on the final coats.

    Surface Preparation must not be overlooked – it will be the make or break of your final floor – literally!


    Concrete Sanding is a faster process than grinding or shot-blasting, it creates less dust, requires less clean-up and less down-time overall. However, in instances where the existing floor needs to be entirely removed, or if the concrete has never been coated, or if the new flooring is of a completely different kind than the old one, concrete sanding is not a durable solution for the preparation of your slab. In such cases, you will need to consider a more heavy-duty option such as concrete grinding or shot-blasting to ensure proper adhesion for a long-lasting floor.

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    It is important to first assess the quality of the coating that you are sanding. If there are signs of poor preparation or use of a substandard material, then the old coating must be removed completely via concrete grinding. If the previous floor had insufficient surface preparation or was poorly applied, it runs a very high risk of failing and peeling in the future, taking any flooring laid on top along with it.

    Preparation of the concrete is just as important as the application of your new flooring because a wrong decision means a high chance the new floor failing and de-laminating. Proper surface preparation results in a permanent bond to the substrate and a long-lasting floor.

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