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Cement Seal Application

A good quality cement sealer applied by an experienced application team can be of tremendous benefit to your workplace, making for reduced maintenance expenses, lower safety risks, stronger concrete surface, “dusting” eliminated and not to mention a floor that stands the test of time by looking new year after year.

Our sealers are not only limited to concrete, we can arrange sealing for tiles, bricks and pavers as well.

Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings operate on the basis of using high quality products, suited to your needs. We have a large range of cement sealers to suit all budgets from a range of brands, including our highly popular designer flooring ERFLA Concrete Enhancer and Silikal Satin. These products act as both sealer & hardener and are highly penetrative, leaving minimal film thickness.

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Factory with Concrete Sealer

Warehouse Concrete Seal

Pavers with Concrete Sealer

Pavers Seal

Concrete Sealer Water Repellant

Water Repellent Sealer

Concrete Enhancer Sample

On the higher end of the budget are clear or coloured urethane and epoxy cement sealer with a controllable slip co-efficient, full waterproof applications, and decorative options to transform any space. These sealers can behave as a new flooring installation or they can simple go down as a clear coat to seal and protect your concrete for years to come.

Unlike application teams that insist on applying the materials they manufacture in-house, Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings has sourced a range of products from over a dozen different suppliers, meaning that you can choose from the best options available, selecting a material that ticks all the boxes of your requirements.

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Benefits of Cement Seal

  • Protects your concrete, tiles or pavers from chemicals, oils and moisture
  • Penetrative
  • Long-lasting
  • Gives that ‘wet-look’
  • Can be used with a designer finish or a colour if desired
  • Can be applied over other coatings
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What to Consider

Concrete is a very porous material that has chemical reactions to the environment surrounding it. When substances such as oil and moisture find their way inside concrete, they can sit deep within the pores without necessarily being visible on the surface. When a resin coating is laid, including a sealer, it doesn’t just sit on the surface of your concrete, it bonds permanently with the concrete, sinking deep into the pours in order to properly protect it from the elements. If other substances are already present within the concrete and a new chemical, such as a resin sealer, is introduced, they can react with each other in a negative way, causing bubbles, de-lamination or discolouration on the surface.

It is always best to coat and protect your concrete as soon as possible to ensure no other substances make their way into your concrete, and to ensure a proper preparation is done prior to coating with resin. It is highly recommended to hire someone to perform the installation for you so they can perform the proper checks before installation.

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