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For that Natural, Industrial Look

Watch this short video to see the transformation from bare concrete to a classy industrial look.

ERFLA Concrete Enhancer is a clear resin that engages with the uniqueness of your slab, transforming the concrete’s imperfections into design features. The Concrete Enhancer resin gives the impression of a stunning polished concrete floor, minus the huge cost involved in polishing the floor back to a designer finish. You can also couple the Concrete Enhancer with your polished concrete floor as a perfect finish and a hard-wearing protection for your floor. This budget-friendly coating will protect your floor, is permanent, easy to clean and will transform your space into a work of art.

Many people that we speak to are looking to give that industrial feel into their home or workspace, but the concrete slab they have to work with is too soft or they have limited down-time capabilities, or their budget simply too tight to justify a full-mechanical polished concrete finish. Concrete Enhancer is ideal for all of these situations as it is a simple yet high-performance clear-coat that will truly transform your floor. As Concrete Enhancer interacts with your slab, it will draw out the natural swirls and patterns in your concrete slab. Every single concrete slab is different, which means that Concrete Enhancer will turn your floor into a truly unique, one-of-a-kind design and it won’t hurt your back pocket.


ERFLA’s high quality standards are a head above the rest when it comes to durability, longevity and design standards. Here at Hawk CFC, we only team up with resin manufacturers who make seriously high quality resins, and we honestly believe that you won’t find a better quality resin in Perth, and possibly the world. HAWK CFC installs floors that are industrial-grade, high-quality and maintainable for incredible peace of mind. If you need a custom solution to meet specific demands, just ask and we will cater and modify the resins and systems to meet your need.


Concrete Enhancer Selection

Benefits of Concrete Enhancer

  • Gives you sought-after that raw, natural and industrial look
  • Budget Friendly
  • Less down-time that Concrete Polishing
  • Seriously high quality, industrial-strength resin
  • Seals and protects your concrete from moisture, dust and contaminants
  • Easy to clean
  • Turns your floor into a designer feature
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What to Consider

If your floor has sustained damage; whether that be cracks or chips or even divots from the removal of the previous floor; these can be repaired, however as ERFLA Concrete Enhancer is a clear resin, you will always be able to see the places it has been repaired in the past. Some people love this look as it adds to the raw, industrial feel of the floor, while others would rather cover over the whole floor with a more uniform finish. If you fit into the latter category, we can still provide you with a beautiful, industrial look by adding a screed onto the floor first, which creates a level, smooth surface to work with and then coating the screed with the Concrete Enhancer Product. There is always a way to make your floor look like an upmarket beauty. Contact us today to find out what’s right for you.

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