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ERFLA Consolidation Binder

A critical construction tool for in instances use where the existing concrete substrate is soft, excessively porous or honeycomb in nature. The ERFLA consolidation binder has low enough viscosicity to penetrate into the concrete slab and fill the pours to a depth of 1-2 mm providing a densified and sealed surface, more capable of holding industrial floor coatings. Based on epoxy technology, Consolidation Binder has extraordinary adhesion to soft, chalky or weak concrete and reduces the likelihood of failures by binding the surface of the concrete.

Most commonly used on factory and workshop flooring and old concrete that is showing signs of deterioration, Consolidation Binder is an option on virtually any concrete, including new concrete for additional long-term performance.

ERFLA Consolidation Binder



Fast Curing

Chemical Resistant

High Performance

Highly Penetrative


Zero VOC, Low Odor

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