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ERFLA’s Insitu Spaces Range has many designer options for an upmarket look.

Insitu Spaces is a design range that consists of two series: The Original Series and the Marble Series.

The Original series of Hawk CFC’s Insitu Spaces is a polymer modified self-levelling cement compound that has been modified using both resins and colouring agents to provide a decorative feature flooring veneer.

This modified system derived from industrial grade self-levelling repair mortar technology. In short, this means the finished product is hard wearing, long lasting and capable of handling vehicle traffic . With the modifications of resin and colour, HAWK CFC is able to provide you with an aesthetically pleasing, satin sheen, seamless flooring system to suit your interior design needs.

Insitu Spaces 525x800 2
Insitu Spaces 525x800

The Marble series of Hawk CFC’s Insitu Spaces is a matte-coated resin that gives the impression that your flooring consists of a seamless, precious stone. The final product can be any colour of your choosing, with natural swirls of colour or even veins to mimic a marble floor. You are sure to attract attention with a stunning floor from our Marble Series, and increase the overall aesthetic value of your home or workspace. With Hawk CFC’s Insitu Spaces, your floor becomes the main feature of the room.


HAWK CFC has taken this technology and incorporated a blend or highly decorative colour additives. When thinking of the term ‘polished concrete’, the important factor is concrete or the material being used to polish. The quality of any finish will inevitably be part due to the contractor and their ability. However, when you consider some key characteristics that are required, to achieve high end polished surfaces, like; surface density, aggregate types, installation quality, contamination, structural damage and many others, it’s impossible to ignore the importance of the material itself. The technology in today’s flooring allows for high quality material veneers to be applied over existing surfaces. This not only provides a new flooring surface, it inherently repairs, strengthens and levels the areas where application is taking place.


ERFLA Insitu Spaces Original Series is a resin concrete designed for thicker applications where the flooring requires filling of greater depth. It is an industrial grade, self-levelling cementitious compound and is a pre-mixed blend of sand, cement, lime, polymer, and resins designed to allow a high level of flow-ability to the product. The uses of self-levellers are numerous but most commonly as a remedial action to repair a fault or damage to existing concrete flooring. The ERFLA Insitu Spaces Marble Series is a range of finishes achieved with pure self-levelling resins, suitable when the flooring can be 3mm or less. It is a hard-wearing, durable coating that does not require the extra blend of cement to achieve its luscious look. In cases where a screed is a necessary option, the Original Series has you covered, whilst in cases where no screed is necessary and you desire that high-class marble look, the Marble Series will get the job done. The Insitu Spaces Series will cover all necessary bases and still achieve a fabulous finish.


The advantages of using a veneer type system are numerous is nature. Some of the more significant ones are;

  • The ability to specify exact heights, this can be extremely beneficial when meeting other floors, creating smooth elegant transitions.
  • Picking and choosing from a variety of colours to ensure your floor really aids to your interior styling. 
  • Creating a new surface, many concrete surfaces were not poured to achieve a high end decorative finish. Our veneer is applied over the top of old concrete and creates a new vibrant surface.
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The two different series of Insitu Spaces is not just a design tactic, but is engineered specifically for varying requirements within your space. Creating a designer floor to look exactly how you picture it in your mind, or how you have seen it in another location may not be completely realistic due to the nature of different environments. No two concrete slabs are alike and each slab has its own set of behaviours and its own unique environmental factors including temperature, foot or vehicle traffic, UV rays, moisture, movement and a variety of others. The two options of Insitu Spaces are designed to suit varying environments, and you may find that only one option may be possible for your space. Contact us today to learn more about the options available for your personal space.

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