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ERFLA No-Peel-Paint

Forget about peeling paint, blotchy re-colouring systems or surface coatings that wear away within months. Hawk CFC is now providing a revolutionary paving and concrete re-colouring system that seals your substrate at the same time.

ERFLA No-Peel Paint adheres to concrete substrates without changing the surface texture which is ideal for concrete driveways, garages, concrete verandas and patios. It provides a solid colour, but unlike paint, it does not change the surface texture, but rather locks into the concrete with minimal film thickness. No more painting your garage or driveway every six months; ERFLA provides a lifetime ‘no-peel guarantee’ on this product when installed by an approved applicator.

ERFLA No-Peel Paint



Popular for driveways and garages

Budget Friendly

Greater Adhesion Compared to Paint

Greater UV Resistance compared to paint

Greater Tyre Resistance compared to paint

Tinting Available

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