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For that Clean and Sophisticated Look

X-Canvas is a clean, single-colour, seamless finish that is sure to make your home or business look and feel cleaner and more spacious. It can be finished with a matte or satin top-coat and there are a variety of colours available; we can even match your company colours if you need. Like all of ERFLA’s resins, X-Canvas has the ability to be modified to suit your specific needs according to the environment your flooring will encounter. This simple yet stylish floor is sure to increase the usefulness and comfort of your space.

ERFLA’s X-Canvas was featured in the June 2018 edition of the Real Living Magazine

Creating a clean space doesn’t just look nice, it also increases head-space and productivity. Your floor is your canvas; use it to draw people’s attention to the area of the room that is most pleasing or profitable for your requirements. ERFLA’s X-Canvas is seamless, grout-less, hard-wearing and is a permanent flooring installation – no re-coating in 6 months’ time! ERFLA’s X-Canvas is available in a variety of colours, can be finished with matte or satin and can be non-slip, if required. X-Canvas is a perfect solution for residential spaces, photo studios, showrooms, cafes and garage floors, amongst others. Join the hundreds of other Perth residents who have chosen ERFLA X-Canvas as their preferred choice of floor.


ERFLA’s high quality standards are a head above the rest when it comes to durability, longevity and design standards. Just like all of ERFLA’s resins, X-Canvas has the ability to be modified to suit any extra requirements you may have for your flooring, such as UV resistance, waterproofing and clear-coating for further scratch resistance.

This specific range of flooring was featured in Real Living Magazine‘s June 208 edition! It is clear that this product is one of Perth’s most popular designer floors.

Why Hawk CFC

Here at Hawk CFC, we believe in quality, industrial-strength resins. No matter your environment, we will install the same, high quality resin that is suitable for industrial purposes to give you peace-of-mind that your floor will outlive any of its competitors. ERFLA products are exceptionally high quality with the best UV-stable properties in Perth, are seriously long-lasting and beautifully engineered. ERFLA products can be found exclusively at Hawk CFC.

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What to Consider

While the ERFLA X-Canvas is an industrial strength, highly versatile resin, if you are looking for a floor to withstand excessive foot and vehicle traffic, strong chemicals being dropped on the ground, HACCP accreditation or line-marking, we can recommend further options to you that are much more well-suited to your environment. The X-Canvas simple finish is engineered to be a high-performance designer flooring system in environments that may not be as harsh as an industrial warehouse or a commercial kitchen. Contact us today to find out which system is right for your environment.

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