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For that Natural Stone Look

Polished concrete with exposed aggregate is a well-sought-after floor; however many older, softer or damaged concrete floors will never be able to achieve that fabulous polished concrete look. Also, despite needing very little extra materials, polished concrete is a lengthy process and a fine art which can be very costly. if you are after a designer floor but don’t have the right concrete slab or are on a budget, ERFLA’s X-Stone may just be the flooring of your dreams.

With stunning colour blends of natural-looking, all-resin stone blends and a highly serviceable finished epoxy floor, the perfect flooring has arrived. ERFLA have managed to tweak the industry standard stone-finish floor into the highly versatile, highly decorative X-Stone series. Our seamless comfort flooring ensures a natural looking, designer finish, coupled with industrial strength resins.

Some of the benefits of the ERFLA X-Stone series includes; our designer all-resin design to create the look of natural stone without the costly polishing process; you can choose from a full range of gloss, matte or satin finishes; there is a variety of stone colour blends and base coat colours available; choice of large stones or our sophisticated micro-stobe blend; the final product is exceptionally har-wearing, has amazing insulating properties and is one of the most cleanable surfaces on the market.


ERFLA’s X-Stone flooring is an extremely durable epoxy resin floor. Unlike many other faux-stone flooring systems, ours features a vapour barrier to promote permanent adhesion and protection from moisture related issues that can occur within the slab, a base coat of tinted 100% solids, solvent-less epoxy resin (self-levelling), the natural-looking stone layer, all coated with Industrial-strength, clear coats to provide scratch resistance, protection from UV, waterproof properties and slip resistance if required.

This Flooring system is suitable for residential applications, retail, commercial kitchens, factories, and warehouse – more than capable of handling truck and forklift traffic.They are also suitable for external areas including driveways, car parks, verandas and showrooms.

Why Hawk CFC

Here at Hawk CFC, we believe in quality, industrial-strength resins. No matter your environment, we will install the same, high quality resin that is suitable for industrial purposes to give you peace-of-mind that your floor will outlive any of its competitors. ERFLA products are exceptionally high quality with the best UV-stable properties in Perth, are seriously long-lasting and beautifully engineered. ERFLA products can be found exclusively at Hawk CFC.

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Where X-Stone is Best Used

X-Stone has been installed in a variety of environments including, but not limited to: Restaurants, warehouses, commercial kitchens, patios, driveways, garages, residential spaces, schools and walkways. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it can be slip-rated to your requirements, it has amazing insulating properties, keeps your concrete protected and can be colour-matched to your company’s profile. There are not too many environments that are not suited to the ERFLA X-Stone floor, as it is an all-rounder in flooring systems.

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