Flex-Plate Veneer

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Flex-Plate is the latest emerging development in the flooring industry. It is a blend of resin technology, mineral and stone components, and a specific application process in which the product flows from one end of the home to the other to create a seamless “Flex-Plate Veneer” Wall to Wall to Wall.

The Floor That Gives Back

With its ultra-repellence properties, mechanical bond direct to your slab, Flex-Plate is the lowest maintenance flooring we have. It’s direct bond leaves no room for bacteria or mould growth and provides you with the ultimate in long-term hygiene.
Flex-Plate is the floor that truly works for you, serving your goals of cleanliness, hygiene and beauty

Living Free; The Enduring Flex-Plate Veneer

Flex-Plate is not a building block like a tile, board, sheet – it is a liquid applied permanent resin-plate which transforms your home to a seamless, continuous space – perfect for interior design.

Where Did Flex-Plate Come From

The creators of Flex-Plate had an original goal to create a resin-plating system for heavy industrial workshops which needed a high level of impact, chemical and abrasion resistance. Setting out to accomplish this in 2008, numerous proto-types were developed and installed in real-life conditions with increasingly strong results. In January 2019, Flex-Plate as introduced as a variant of the resin-plating process; it was modified to have a clear coat and a designer blend of stone without compromising the hard-wearing nature of the product.

Flex-Plate Residential Installation

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