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Floor Levelling

Floor levelling objectives:

– Smoothing a floor with high points or low points. High points can be concrete spills, contamination, or high points created from the original pour; low points can be fretting, divets, holes, damage.
– Raising or lowering the height of the concrete floor to accommodate fitting , adjoining surfaces, new floor materials
– Creating falls in the slab for waterproofing purposes, or to direct water/liquids to drains or run-offs.
– Correcting poorly levelled concrete slabs where sections have pooling water, or unlevel surfaces.

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Application Self Levelling Floor

Floor Levelling Tiling

Self Levelling Concrete

HAWK Self Levelling

Floor Levelling Procedures supplied by Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings:

– Concrete Grinding: The process of diamond grinding the surface to remove high points firstly, and then working the surface down until the desired reduced height is received.
– Micro Self-levelling materials such as epoxy resins to consolidate surfaces and provide a smooth, impervious, easy to clean surface.
– Feather-finishing – 0-1mm to fill in micro holes, pores, etc to provide a smooth, finished surface.
– Medium range self-level cements – 2mm to 15mm to smooth and level concrete flooring with valleys and hills
– High depth self-level cements – 15mm to 50mm to raise sections of concrete to match surrounding heights.

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