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Servicing all of Perth, Hawk CFC has over 10 years of experience providing premium durable coating solutions

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Floor Screed

Hawk CFC’s floor screed system is a pre-mixed blend of sand, cement, lime, polymer, and resins designed to allow a high level of flow-ability to the product. The type of screed used in your space will depend on whether you want the screed to level with gravity or to level on an incline, creating falls in the floor.

Self-levelling concrete is one of the most effective and economical ways to resurface large warehouse and factory floors. Hawk CFC has a diverse range of flooring systems designed for use in high impact, high traffic, industrial zones. We have a variety of products with varying properties – from 100MPA self-levelling cements, to feather coat systems, to patch repair mortars, to decorative polished self-levellers for showrooms and retail areas.

Reasons to use a self-leveling screed:

  • To smooth out high points or low points.
    • High points can be created from concrete spills, contamination or just an uneven surface from the original pour.
    • Low points can be fretting, divots, holes and damage
  • To raise or lower the height of the concrete floor to accommodate fitting, adjoining surfaces or new floor materials.
  • To create falls in the slab for waterproofing purposes or to direct water or liquids to drains or run-offs.
  • To correct poorly leveled concrete slabs where sections have pooling water or uneven surfaces
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What’s the Process?

  • Concrete Preparation: Diamond grinding the surface to remove high points and then working the surface down until the desired reduced height is received.
  • Micro Self-levelling materials such as epoxy resins to consolidate surfaces and provide a smooth, impervious, easy to clean surface.
  • Feather-finishing – 0-1mm to fill in micro holes or pores to provide a smooth, finished surface.
  • Medium range self-level systems – 2mm to 15mm to smooth and level concrete flooring with valleys and hills
  • High depth self-level systems – 15mm to 50mm to raise sections of concrete to match surrounding heights.
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The advantages of using screed systems include:

– The ability to specify exact flooring heights
– The ability to modify the colour of your floor
– Increasing the strength and serviceability properties of your floor
– Decorative options to choose from
– Impervious and food-grade systems available
– Create a level surface – reduced valleys and high points

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