HAWK CFC provides specialised flooring systems to ensure quality standards and safety requirements are met.

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HAWK CFC provide a variety of different flooring systems to ensure all of our customers needs are met.

Our state of the art systems are able to provide long lasting, food safe, seamless, chemical resistant and anti-slip flooring. At HAWK CFC we understand that no one flooring system with achieve all requirements. Every project that we tackle comes with it’s own individual set of needs. We have trained technicians to assess and recognise each of our clients requirements, tailoring a specialised flooring solution to suit.

We have a wealth of knowledge and vast amount of materials, making us truly unique in our approach. We have a wide range of resin based flooring systems, reactive MMA flooring options, mortar screed systems, wall to floor coving solutions, drainage solutions and can handle every part of a flooring system. From repairing and consolidation old slabs, dealing with expansion joins, line marking and creating designer flooring, what ever your needs, HAWK CFC has you covered.