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HAWK CFC provides superior Garage Floors.

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Garage Floor Coating

Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings Perth is an experienced garage floor coating team, able to prepare and coat your concrete with a finish that is both beautiful and long lasting.

Does your garage floor look a little like this?

Uncoated floors attract dirt and oil to soak into the concrete.

Or perhaps like this?

Maybe that coat of paint gave you a good six months of use, but now you have to re-coat?

It could look like this, permanently.

No delamination, no re-caoting in six months. Just a high performance, great-looking floor.

For many people, protecting the garage floor is an afterthought, often when the concrete is already stained and damaged. Investing in a permanent flooring solution is going to save you money in the future as well as providing a nice-looking and easy to maintain surface for your needs.

After all, a garage is not just for parking your car, it often doubles as a workshop, man-cave, studio, band rehearsal space or storage facility. We’ve got the solution that’s right for you and your lifestyle.

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When it comes to garage floor coatings, it is important to have the right product installed (correct specification), and the right installation process. If these 2 criteria are met, then the first time it is installed should be the last! Epoxy and polyaspartic technology coatings form a permanent bond to the concrete surface preventing delamination of floor coverings, and giving you a seamless, easy to maintain garage floor.


Hawk CFC use industrial grade grade resin for all coatings, because we believe in over-engineered products to perform and outlast any use or abuse the floor may sustain. Our surfaces will never break away from the concrete but are permanently bonded to your floor.

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See below our most popular options for garage floor coatings. There are a variety of designer and mono-colour options available.

ERFLA Mineral Rich RFSL


ERFLA Insitu Spaces

Silikal RU727

ERFLA Conrete Enhancer

Things to Consider When Requesting a Quote for Garage Floors

Area / Size
Even just knowing a rough area size will be helpful. We can properly measure your space at a later date.

We can work with all budgets to meet your needs.

Designer or Mono
What is the final finish you want on your floor? Single-colour or designer finish?

Existing Floor
What is on the floor currently? Does it need removing? If bare concrete, is it old or new?

Slip Rating
What level of slip resistance will you require to keep you safe?

Curing Time
How much downtime can you afford? In some instances we can arrange an overnight return to service.

Foot & Vehicle Traffic
What types and volume of traffic are you expecting?

Water Proofing
Will the floor come into contact with rain or other large volumes of water?