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Garage Floor Paint


Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings is a Perth based company specialising in concrete coatings including garage floor paint systems. Hawk CFC uses premium epoxy resins, polyurea, polyurethanes and other coloured and clear coatings to achieve a long-lasting bond to the concrete surface.

Unlike standard “paint,” Hawk’s garage floor paint systems will NEVER peel, flake, or delaminate from the concrete for two reasons:

1) Resin based materials have a much higher adhesion rate to concrete compared to “paint,” “epoxy paint,” “driveway paint,” etc
2) Hawk prepare the surface adequately to ensure a good key is established for the coating to stick to

Choose from a single colour painted garage finish, or one of our range of decorative resin based flooring options:

– Stone Resin Epoxy Flooring
– Pearl Resin Epoxy Flooring
– Concrete Enhancer
– AF Roll Coat
– Micro Stone Epoxy Flooring

For more information, contact Hawk on 0423 835 333