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HAWK CFC provides superior concrete sanding.

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Garage Flooring


Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings is a Perth based company specialising in garage flooring and all forms of decorative or performance concrete flooring.

When it comes to your garage floor, it has a surprisingly high performance requirement: vehicle traffic, potential oil and fluid spills, hot tyres, and if you double your garage as a storage or workshop then all the more reason to ensure you place on the floor a durable, heavy duty flooring system.

Epoxy Resin is the perfect choice for garage flooring, with a range of decorative options (and functional options such as slip resistance, scratch resistance, waterproofing qualities), a fast install time, and the durability to ensure you only have to do the floor once!

Check out the Hawk Garage Flooring range:

– Stone Resin Epoxy Flooring
– Pearl Resin Epoxy Flooring
– Concrete Enhancer
– AF Roll Coat
– Micro Stone Epoxy Flooring

For more information, contact Hawk CFC on 0423 835 333