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Hawk CFC are the only resin flooring installer in WA who have access to HACCP accredited products and who are a HACCP accredited company, covering you on both materials used and workmanship.

You can find a directory listing for Hawk CFC on the HACCP website as well as the directory listing for Silikal© GmbH. Hawk CFC are proud to be the exclusive distributor for Silikal© GmbH products that offer superior, fast-curing resins. Hawk CFC only install resins that we believe to be truly superior in the market. We simply do not cut corners or compromise on quality.

HACCP Certification

Commercial Kitchen or Food-Production Flooring with HACCP Accreditation is a must when Hygiene is your number one.

Watch the video and see the installation of Silikal R72 rapid cure resin with a designer quartzite finish at Mrs. Macs pie factory in Perth.

Hawk CFC’s designer Silikal Satin floors are not only stunning but also hard-wearing, long-lasting, HACCP accredited, easy-to-clean, with fast installation.

Watch the video and see the finished product of Silikal Satin rapid cure resin at European Ceramics new showroom in Osbourne Park.

Our HACCP Accredited floors are suitable for a variety of environments, including exterior, high-traffic areas.

Watch the video and see the installation of Silikal R62 resin, with a designer flake finish, at Wilson Parking in Perth.

If a commercial kitchen, food production, hygiene and safety is central to your business, then make the most of it by investing in a bright, seamless, clean, safe and hygienic resin floor. No grout lines to scrub, no bacteria growing under the vinyl, no peeling paint, just a rock hard resin floor in the colour of your choice. Invest in your business and boost your staff job satisfaction with Hawk CFC’s exclusive range of HACCP accredited, Silikal©  kitchen flooring systems.

Siikal Drum
Flake Flooring
Commercial Kitchen Flooring In Use

The Silikal© commercial kitchen flooring range are all rapid-cure resins, which dramatically reduces the down-time of your business with as little as a 1-hour curing time. When shutting down your business simply isn’t an option, we are the business you can rely on to get the job done.

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    Why Use HACCP Certified Products?

    Industry standards for safety and hygiene are not always an easy thing to prove, unless you have a trusted and recognised name, product or certification to refer to. HACCP is the most trusted intermediary management system for food-safe products on the market. If your industry involves food production, you are likely to encounter clients who request it specifically as a trusted source of safety and hygiene.

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    Benefits of Silikal Products

    • Fast-Curing – INSTANT return to service

    • Variety of colours and finishes available

    • Extremely Hard-Wearing

    • High Quality resin – a head above the rest!

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