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Silikal Western Australia Product Range

Silikal RU727 Mono-colour

This product is a clear resin that is tinted to the colour of your choice. It is a monolithic, high adhesion resin that is hard-wearing with chemical resistant properties. Silikal RU727 allows you to be back on your floor faster.

Silikal R72 Mono-Colour

This product is a dedicated top-coat. Siikal RU72 is is used when more UV resistance or more chemical resistance is required than normal.

Silikal RU321 Waterproofing Membrane

RU321 is an elastomeric pigmented, highly durable, waterproof membrane with has crack-bridging properties, high tensile strength and high flexural strength. The RU321 resin is needed when there is a compromised concrete substrate or moisture-related issue (passage of moisture), when when waterproofing is needed to stop passage of moisture or ensure long-term impermeability of concrete substrate. This product is not designed as top-coat, but either as an underlayment underneath tiles, paving or vinyl, or it can be converted to a floor finish with the addition of R62 and R68 plus R72 topcoat.

Due to its extreme flexibility, it cannot be coated with a rigid resin, instead, application must include an intermediary resin followed by a durable topcoat.

Silikal R68 Cold-Storage Resin

Designed for when there’s movement in the slab due to extreme cold temperatures, the R68 resin has the ability to contract and expand with the temperatures and the concrete slab. The extreme flexibility gives impact resistance and provides some comfort as you walk.

Silikal R62

The R62 resin is a slightly flexibilised, intermediate or body coat designed to give impact resistance to the completed flooring system. It has self-levelling characteristics and is utilised as the base-layer to receive quartzite or flake finishes.

Silikal RE42

RE42 is a penetrative Epoxy that is an exceptionally useful product for damp or moisture-compromised concrete slabs. As high relative humidity is one of the main causes of floor failures. Silikal have formulated a unique solution with RE42 which is based on epoxy chemistry, but has ultra-high penetrability and leaves a zero film thickness on the surface, doing all of its waterproofing work inside the pours of the concrete. This is not a membrane that can be scratched or gouged and is a permanent waterproofing solution for underneath resin, vinyl, tiles, floorboards and other types of flooring.

Siikal Drum

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