HACCP Certified Resin

HACCP Certified Resin

HACCP Accreditation

HACCP Certified Company and Resin: All Bases Covered

If hygiene is your number one concern, HACCP certified floors are a great solution for you to meet your required standards. However, being HACCP certified does not necessarily guarantee a durable resin that will not fail. Here at Hawk CFC, we have gone to great lengths to both supply HACCP certified resin and also become HACCP certified as a company. Our motto is flooring for LIFE, and we stand by this motto by only recommending resins that have been tested and proven to perform long-term for you and your business. We simply do not compromise on quality and our expertise in the flooring industry are well-known across the Perth metro area.

As an added bonus, all of our HACCP certified resin is rapid-cure, with as little as a 1-hour curing time and often a 24-hour turnaround, getting you back on your floor faster.

If you are considering HACCP certification, you may also need to consider drains and falls to drains.

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Rhett Jenkins is the founder and Director of Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings. Rhett's reputation for the flooring industry extends well beyond Hawk CFC's opening in 2014 and he is well-known in the flooring industry for his expert knowledge and industry experience.

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