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Transform your floor into a designer feature with Honed Concrete.

Watch the video to see the stunning floor at European Ceramics’ new showroom in Osborne Park. Their floor has concrete which has been stylishly honed and then finished with our Silikal Satin resin to give it the sophisticated quality they need for a professional showroom. Contact us today and ask us about options for your home or business.

Honed concrete floors have become increasingly popular in recent years, featuring in many lifestyle magazines as one of the architectural highlights of a residential home or commercial properties. Furthermore, compared to the other types of flooring, both polished and honed concrete are low maintenance and highly sustainable. These factors are the main catalysts for Honed Concrete’s growing fame among homeowners and interior design enthusiasts alike. Exposed aggregate that has been honed is a perfect option for internal or external decorative concrete features. In addition, honed concrete provides superior strength and durability while also producing an elegant smooth finish.

The combination of specially formulated decorative concrete mixes and high-quality workmanship ensures a concrete surface that is smooth, durable and low maintenance.

When selecting the style of your honed concrete, it’s important to consider longevity and the future of your home or workspace. Honed concrete is a cost-effective, durable, decorative concrete finish that is designed to last for a significant amount of time. Therefore, it’s vital that the colour and design you select today will remain as classy elegant in 20 years as it does today.

The HAWK CFC team is well-trained and fully equipped to install quality, long lasting honed concrete surfaces throughout Perth and Western Australia.


Honed concrete is achieved through progressive diamond grinding of a concrete surface. This process can be employed in two different ways. First, it can be used to simply clean and level the surface latency. Or it can be taken further to expose aggregates.

In either case, concrete sealers are then used to protect the surface. These sealers give the concrete its matte, satin or gloss finish, and they can also contain anti-slip additives.

Honing is actually one of the first steps toward creating a fully polished concrete surface. Once the initial concrete mix has been laid, it’s first allowed to set. After this, the grinding process begins, during which the top layer of concrete is removed. Depending upon the type of mix used, this may expose the aggregates in the concrete.  

The grinding continues until the desired honed appearance is achieved. At this stage, the surface is power-washed and sealed. Different types of sealants achieve different results – including penetrating sealers, enhancing sealers and acrylic sealers. Our team will work with you to determine which type of sealant is best-suited to your needs and aesthetic preferences.

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  • This type of concrete surface is used in a variety of applications;
    • Swimming pool deck surface
    • Public walkways
    • Driveways
    • Entertainment & living areas
  • The final product is smooth
  • Stain-resistant
  • Easily Cleanable 
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The hone and seal process is popular for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the finish is extremely smooth and attractive. Qualified technicians can create an exceptionally well-balanced finish using cutting-edge grinding equipment. The result is a smooth, low-slip surface that’s a genuine pleasure to walk on.

To achieve quality honed concrete flooring, seeking highly-skilled professionals from the initial installation process is considered best practice. At HAWK CFC, our team is skilled and passionate about creating quality honed concrete. We are trained in the handling, installation, and maintenance of not only polished and honed concrete but also all other types of flooring available on the market today.

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