Key Points Regarding Concrete Coating Systems

//Key Points Regarding Concrete Coating Systems

Key Points Regarding Concrete Coating Systems


  • Surface Preparation is absolutely vital< in gaining a permanent bond between a surface coating and its substrate
  • Adhesion Values: Technical Data sheets record just how well a product adheres to the surface. Premium epoxy, resin, sealers and other coatings MUST have a high level of adhesion.


  • How resistant to abrasion is the coating?
  • How UV stable is the resin?
  • How flexible is the material?
  • Ultimately, how will this product meet the requirements of YOUR flooring scenario?

What’s the Big Difference Between “Paint” & “Painting,” Versus “Epoxy Resin” & “Floor Installation?”

There is a massive difference. Walk into most hardware and retail outlets, or take a drive and check out the local residential driveways. You will find a showcase of the best paint has to offer! The best “Tough Paint” and “Epoxy Paint” that money can buy and it still peels off over time.

HAWK CFC maintains that paint and concrete don’t mix, and choose the following process for your concrete floor:

1) The correct surface preparation to get a permanent bond
2) Installing a Floor with the correct primers (and vapour barriers where required), and Flooring Resins.

And it doesn’t actually cost that much to do the job properly.

Concrete coatings is a specialised field and requires some time and thought to make sure you receive the best and longest lasting finish. Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings has over a decade of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial applications and can help to specify to right product and technique for you

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