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Professional Linemarking in Perth, WA

Taking Care of Your Safety Demarcation & Line Marking Requirements

Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings can complete a wide range of line painting, demarcation and safety symbols.

In the workplace, it can be crucial to create boundaries between moving vehicles and equipment, safety zones and work stations. By differentiating areas and zones, you have effectively established a level of communication to all employees and visitors and created an awareness that a workplace standard exists. Once a standard has been communicated it becomes easier to implement systems and manage efficiency levels.

Resin Line-marking / demarcation is different to line-marking paint because it has greater adhesion, less maintenance requirements, and have a greater ability to withstand traffic conditions

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    Prior to installing line marking, it’s important to consider the length of time you are going to need the lines to stay in the same place. If there’s a high likelihood of the lines becoming unused or changing location then it may be best to have “temporary” or “semi-permanent” markings installed. If you are setting up your factory or warehouse for permanent zoning then elect for a permanent high build linemarking resin – if it came to it we know how to remove it!

    Types of Line Marking availble

    – straight or curved lines
    – car bays
    – numbering stencils
    – text letters
    – pedestrian crossings
    – directional arrows
    – playground markings
    – loading zones
    – road marking
    – Low VOC, and water based paints available
    – safety red, safety yellow (y14), white, disabled blue, green, and custom colours

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    What types of line marking and demarcation does our work environment require?

    The short answer to this is to review the Worksafe guidelines as they currently stand, as well as your own knowledge of the safety requirements of your work environment.
    However, Hawk CFC can give you a site consultation to help advise helpful zoning requirements, based on the experience of numerous other Perth companies.

    Hawk CFC services the entire Perth Metropolitan region and regional WA.


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