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Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings Offers the Full Range of Non-Slip Coating Systems

Health and safety is a key component of every workplace. One of the most common threats to human health is the ever-present possibility of a fall, trip, or slip on a poorly maintained floor.
Government regulations hold business owners and management accountable for the level of safety in the workplace and this should impact upon decisions surrounding your floor maintenance. Not only do you need the right flor installed, a maintenance program is essential to ensure hazards are eliminated.

A non-slip epoxy resin floor is ideal because it not only supplies you with the slip rating you require to keep The authorities off your back but it actually makes the maintenance and cleaning routines much easier. In-house routines can be as simple as mopping with the right cleaning products, but the floor is able to withstand commercial cleaning techniques such as high pressure cleaning, rotary scrubbing, degreasing, etc. if maintenance is outsourced, you should find it saves you on the labour costs.

How To Minimise Risk & Choose the Right Anti-Slip Coating For Your Work Environment

The key thing to remember with MOST flooring products is that the higher the slip rating, the more difficult it will be to clean the surface. The way that slip resistance is achieved is with the addition of a slip resistant additive to the mixed resin. Now the greater the slip resistant additive, and the lower your top coat film thickness, the greater the slip co-efficient. The greater the skid resistance, the rougher the surface, and the harder to clean.

To combat this, Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings implements multiple strategies to give you an anti slip coating that’s still easy to clean:

1) Where possible, the use of micro-friction additives with a lower surface profile, more “heads,” to give you the feel of a smooth surface. This system can still achieve an R10 rating, yet still feels smooth.

2) The effective use of top coats. While a highly slip resistant floor has large traction particles, the use of top coats can take away the sharpness and “catch”

3) Specifying the correct floor and slip rated surface: there’s no need for a R12/13 in every instance, get the right advice!

4) Options for your cleaning techniques. A highly non slip floor (eg R13), would normally grip oils and stains making for cleaning more difficult. However, because of the durability of Hawks industrial coatings, you will be able to use cleaning equipment such as high pressure or rotary devices without damage.

Find out what’s required for your industry: Minimum Co-Efficient of Friction Download the official table here

R ratings (R9, R11, etc) are based on the Australian Slip Resistance Standards Based on AS/NZS 4586, including the ramp test and the pendulum test. Standards Australia and CSIRO (HB197)

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