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Removing De-Laminating Paint

So you’ve painted your concrete and it’s beginning to peel, flake and de-laminate. How many coats will you need to re-apply before this problem stops happening? The bad news is, paint will always peel, no exceptions. The good news is, there are permanent options that don’t require re-coating every 6 months.

The solution is not paint re-application, but paint remover. Once the paint is removed, you can choose to keep your unpainted concrete or have a non-peeling product instead. Read on for more information on paint removal.

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Here’s The Real Reason Your Paint is Peeling, And How We Can Help You

Unwanted painted surfaces are an eyesore and usually aren’t removed with simple procedures such as pressure cleaning or scraping. There are a lot of brands of ‘concrete paint’ that masquerade as a resin coating system and are sold with recommendations for coating driveways, pavement and other concrete surfaces. Concrete paint is a temporary solution and will always peel and de-laminate, every single time, within 6 months to a year of application. The solution to this problem is simpler than revisiting the paint store and re-painting every 6 months; by coating it with a permanent solution, you save time and money in the long-run. Many companies will not want to sell you a permanent solution, they want you to become a repeat customer. At Hawk CFC, we believe in Flooring for LIFE; Flooring that suits your life style and will last a lifetime.

There are better solutions to paint when coating surfaces on a budget; ERFLA provide a product called “No-Peel Paint“. While the name suggests it is also a paint, it certainly is not! It is a resin coating system that offers a permanent solution to sealing, protecting and re-colouring your surface, and is also DIY friendly. ERFLA No-Peel Paint is ideal for driveways, sidewalks, garages and other outdoor areas. Still not convinced? ERFLA offer their customers a LIFETIME guarantee that their product will not peel or de-laminate when installed by an ERFLA-approved applicator. Contact us today to find out more about this offer.

Techniques for paint removal:

1) It may be worth first trying to scrape it off, or high pressure clean the affected area to see if the paint comes off easily. Generally it won’t, especially if the surface is porous or rough. It’s somewhat ironic that the paint seems to be peeling all over the place but you can’t get the whole lot off!

2) Paint Stripper; Your local hardware has a range of paint strippers. The process is generally to apply and agitate, then high pressure clean the material off. This process can be expensive as the stripper is usually quite high in price, and very messy. Lawns and gardens would need to be protected as paint and harsh chemicals will kill them, also the chemical can damage surrounding surfaces such as asphalt.

3) Sand-blasting; aggregate blasting is usually a specialist field but simpler jobs could be completed on a DIY basis, hiring out the necessary equipment. Done carefully, sand-blasting can leave the surface completely free from the paint or sealer, yet still relatively smooth. The equipment tends to be on the expensive side, and caution always needs to be exercised around surrounding surfaces.

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Techniques for paint removal (continued):

4) Concrete Sanding; Concrete sanding is performed with a rotary or drum floor sander. While success can sometimes be attained on a very smooth surface with very soft paint, generally this process won’t do the job you require.

5) Concrete Grinding; 9 times out of 10, diamond grinding is the fastest and most cost-effective means of paint removal. The equipment is expensive to purchase and you have the ongoing cost of diamond blades, but it works every time. Depending on the grit size of the diamond cup wheels, the surface can be left rough, smooth, or even a polished finish can be achieved (at this stage you could choose our Concrete Enhancer for a great finish).

Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings is an experienced paint remover company and is available to do all of the above techniques, as well as providing options for you once the removal is complete. For information and pricing phone today.

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