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HAWK CFC provides stunning polished concrete.

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HAWK CFC provide stunning polished concrete floors in Perth and throughout Western Australia.

A polished concrete surface provides the ultimate in design, lifespan & sustainability. The popularity of polished concrete seems to have no end, traditionally thought to be suited only for industrial & heavy commercial use. More recently polished concrete surfaces are being found everywhere and anyway.

As concrete is often part of the structural design in many buildings, polishing concrete is considered an incredibly sustainable flooring option, due to there being very little in additional materials.

Polished concrete is a fantastic flooring option due to many benefits, such as; unmatched durability, very low maintenance, allergen free and provides an aesthetically pleasing surface. HAWK CFC provides polished concrete services for new & existing surfaces. Our forward thinking team will provide continuous consultation, for the best possible outcome.


Each of our polished concrete projects receives detailed consultation. We feel this is absolutely necessary in providing the right floor, as there are many possible outcomes that can be achieved. Some important factors to think about when considering you’re polished concrete floor.

Concrete condition

This is without doubt the most important factor to consider. The concrete will need to be structurally sound and hard enough to be polished. Typically 25 mpa is considered the minimum strength, with some specifications requiring 32 mpa or higher. If you have cracks, divots and pin holes on the surface of the concrete, although these can be patched & repaired, they will always be visible.

Stone Exposure

When grinding concrete, it is possible to hone a slab, removing enough of the surface cream, to expose stones or “aggregate” within. There are many terms for describing exposure levels, at HAWK CFC we have made is easy and offer 4 simple to choose options; none, light, medium or heavy exposure.

Level of Shine

Achieving a reflective surface from concrete, is produced by progressive mechanical polishing. Using resin based pads, ranging from 50 grit through to 3000 grit. We are able to provide a tailored level of shine, to your requirements.


Typically, a penetrating reaction sealant should be used when polishing concrete floors. At HAWK CFC we also offer more eco-friendly water based sealants, and these can also be a great option.

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While no two projects are ever completely the same, our approach, workmanship & passion is always the same. Our polished concrete flooring systems are achieved through a series of mechanical grinding & polishing processes. These include progressive diamond abrasion, the application of cementitious &/or liquid grouts, chemical densifiers, mechanical resin polishing, sealing and finally buffing.

These processes provide an aesthetically pleasing surface that is hard wearing, easily maintainable and will provide a long lasting asset to your home or business.

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Another important consideration, polished concrete is a very low maintenance flooring system, when compared to other flooring options. Cleaning is as simple as, using a microfiber mop with a neutral cleaning agent. In saying that, normal wear and tear is a fact of life and will occur on any surface. Regular cleaning and occasional sealant re-application is recommended to ensure your concrete lasts a lifetime.

Another important factor to consider is when creating a polished concrete surface the densifiers and penetrative sealers that are used do not create a completely impervious surface. As they allow the concrete to breath, this means moisture and chemical absorption albeit reduced, will happen and can cause staining or shadowing on the surface.

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