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Polished Concrete In Perth

HAWK CFC provides stunning polished concrete floors in Perth and throughout Western Australia.

Watch the video below to see European Ceramics’ new polished concrete floor in their Osborne Park showroom. This highly versatile floor is finished with the Silikal Satin resin to give it its smooth stunning style.

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Polished concrete flooring adds design and durability to any space. Originally thought to be suited for only industrial or commercial spaces, polished concrete is now in demand as a designer flooring option in homes across Perth and all of Australia. Not only does it have a stylish and modern look, polished concrete is also hard wearing and highly sustainable.

HAWK CFC has offered polished concrete services for new and existing surfaces throughout Western Australia since 2014. Our CM3-qualified team consults with clients the best approach and outcome to every project.

Polished Concrete Perth

Why consider polished concrete in Perth as a flooring option?

Polished concrete offers businesses and homeowners a variety of benefits such as extreme durability, very low maintenance, easy cleaning, allergen-free surfaces, and an aesthetically pleasing look. Polished concrete flooring systems are achieved through a series of mechanical grinding and polishing processes including:

  • Progressive diamond abrasion
  • Application of cementitious and/or liquid grouts
  • Chemical densifiers
  • Mechanical resin polishing
  • Sealing
  • Buffing

These processes provide an aesthetically pleasing surface that is hard wearing, easily maintainable and will provide a long-lasting asset to your home or business.

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Honed Concrete

Are there different options available when it comes to polished concrete?

You can achieve a number of different looks through three different methods: exposure, shine, and sealant.

Stone Exposure: When grinding concrete, it is possible to hone a slab, removing enough of the surface cream to expose stones or aggregate within. There are many terms for describing exposure levels. At HAWK CFC, we offer four options: none, light, medium, or heavy exposure.

Shine Level: Achieving a reflective surface from concrete is produced by progressive mechanical polishing by using resin-based pads, ranging from 50 grit to 3000 grit. This lets providers achieve a tailored level of shine that meets your requirements.

Sealant Type: Typically, a penetrating, reactive sealant should be used when polishing concrete floors. You can also choose from more eco-friendly, water-based sealants which are great option that does not sacrifice durability or design.

Concrete Enhancer Selection

How much does polished concrete in Perth cost?

Quite a few factors go into creating an accurate estimate for a polished concrete project. To polish concrete, different machinery is required to achieve the look and feel desired. The costs for any project will include the use and transportation of that equipment.

The cost can also vary depending on the way that the concrete is polished. In addition to the process type, other issues can affect the pricing including:

  • Condition of the existing floor
  • Finishing design such as stamping
  • Accessibility for crew members
  • Set up and prep time needed

How long does it take to polish concrete floors?

This is largely a factor of the size of the floor that you need polished. If you are in the middle of a new build, it can be easier and quicker to have the concrete polished before the structure is framed or divided into distinct spaces. A smaller job in a residential space may take 2-3 days to complete whereas polished concrete depending on size can take a few days to a week in usual circumstances. A professional service will be able to give you a quote that includes an estimate for timing for each stage of the process.

Is polished concrete in Perth difficult to maintain?

Polished concrete is a very low maintenance flooring system when compared to other flooring options. Cleaning is as simple as using a microfiber mop with a neutral cleaning agent. Of course, normal wear and tear is a fact of life and will occur on any flooring surface. Regular cleaning and occasional sealant re-application are recommended to ensure your concrete lasts a lifetime.

Another important factor to consider when creating a polished concrete surface is that densifiers and penetrative sealers do not create a completely impervious surface. While chemical and moisture absorption is heavily reduced, sealants are designed to allow the concrete to breathe. This can result in shadowing on the surface if moisture finds its way in over time.

Why you should choose HAWK CFC for your polished concrete project

HAWK CFC has been the leading provider of services for polished concrete in Perth and the whole of Western Australia since 2014. We stand by our work and offer a delamination warranty that covers the materials and the workmanship for every project. Our CM3-qualified team also specializes in HACCP Accredited Silikal GmbH Reactive Resins which have a wide range of commercial applications.

We’re dedicated to creating flooring made from safe, hygienic, low-maintenance flooring that is also beautiful to look at. Whether you need polished concrete in Perth or any outlining areas throughout Western Australia, HAWK CFC is standing by to offer you a fast free quote. You can also call us on 0423 835 333, and we’ll be happy to answer any of your concrete flooring questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Polished Concrete in Perth

How do you get started with a polished concrete project?

Any professional installer will need to understand the size of the flooring area as well as durability and design needs. At HAWK CFC, each of our polished concrete projects starts with a free detailed consultation to provide the right floor that meets any number of possible outcomes. Some important factors to think about when considering you’re polished concrete floor are:

  • Indoor vs. outdoor usage
  • Underfloor heating
  • Color or design elements
  • Quality of existing concrete
  • Required repair work
  • Desired level of shine
  • Workable timeframes
  • Grading and accessibility

With these details sorted out, the space will be cleared and cleaned to prep for polishing. If there is any damage or cracking, this will be repaired at this stage. The floors will be polished in stages to achieve the desired look, which clean up occurring along the way. The floors will then be sealed, sometimes with multiple coats, to protect the surface and achieve additional shine. If you are having the flooring textured, colored, or stained, this is also the time for design elements to be added. The polished concrete must be left to completely dry and set before it is used.

Can you polish the existing concrete in my home or business?

The condition of the concrete is without doubt the most important factor to consider. The concrete will need to be structurally sound and hard enough to be polished. Typically, 25 mpa is considered the minimum strength, with some specifications requiring 32 mpa or higher. Check to see if you have cracks, divots, or pin holes on the surface of the concrete. Although these can be patched and repaired, they will always be visible in the finished product.

Will having my concrete floors polished make a mess in my business or home?

Most professional services will have top-notch equipment that eliminates or reduces dust. Dry polish methods using proper vacuum systems will produce almost no dust. Wet grinds will produce a mix of water and particles, but these are siphoned off of the ground along the way. You will need to clear the space completely of all contents including furniture and fixtures, which can create a bit of a storage challenge.

Are polished concrete floors going to be slippery to walk on?

The high-gloss look from polished concrete can make them look slick and slippery. However, they do not need to be difficult to walk on. When installed by a professional, polished concrete floors can actually have quite a bit of traction.

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