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HAWK CFC provides stunning polyaspartic coatings.

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HAWK CFC provides superior Polyaspartic Coatings to Perth and throughout Western Australia – Is It Right For Your Floor?

Polyaspartic resins are essentially fast curing, hybrid polyurethane variations. Polyurethane, both solvent based and some water based versions, has developed a reputation for high strength, scratch resistance, high gloss, flexibility and adhesion characteristics. Polyaspartic, having been developed from polyurethane technology, has retained some of these characteristics, has excelled in some, and has also lost some of these positive traits.

For a full review of the pros and cons of new generation coatings such as Polyurea, Polyaspartic and Polycuramine, view article: “What’s All the Hype About Polyurea, Polyaspartic, and Polycuramine?”

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Polyaspartic has a high level of chemical resistance, gloss retention, UV stability, and cure rate.

On the flip side, polyaspartic (despite many manufacturer claims), does not possess greater adhesion compared to epoxy and polyurethane. It has far less adhesion compared to epoxy, and application (real-life) experience confirms that it has less ability to tolerate adhesion hazards such as dusting, moisture etc in comparison to its Polyurethane forefather. Application requirements (team size, equipment, etc) are also a drawback on this type of material. Claims that it has greater gloss retention compared to urethanes is not necessarily true, when comparing to high-end commercial polyurethanes.

The moral of this story is that Polyaspartic, like all materials in the flooring industry, has its pros and it’s cons. It is a fantastic addition to the product range of an experienced flooring team and can be used successfully in the following scenarios:

– As a top coat over properly prepared high film thickness (build) coatings.
– As a cost saving application directly over a concrete floor
– As a fast-cure flake floor system; you won’t achieve the high-end type finish that can be achieved with alternative coatings such as Hawk CFCs Fast Cure Resin, but it will save you money.

Unfortunately, manufacturers and suppliers of these types of products often tout them as being the One-Stop Shop in floor coatings, but a trail of unhappy customers proves that it is being used in the wrong scenarios too often.

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Benefits of Polyaspartic

The key advantage of Polyaspartics is it’s flexibility. These resins can typically be built to approximately 200 microns (depending on the BRAND) and yet remain flexible enough to expand/shrink, bend with a moving concrete slab.

If you were to hold the cured Polyaspartic in your hand as a disc, you would be able to bend and twist it without it breaking or showing signs of stress. Further to this, the hardness and scratch resistance found in Polyurethane is maintained, despite its increase in flexural strength.

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At HAWK concrete floor coatings, we pride ourselves on providing a fully comprehensive service, not only from start to finish but throughout the life of your floor. Our dedicated team are at hand to aid in assessing your needs and delivering the perfect flooring option. We then provide you with a beautiful, hardwearing, slip resistant, UV stable surface and help you understand how to best maintain and get the most out of that surface. We are able to provide ongoing support and maintenance checks to ensure you get a life time flooring system.

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