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HAWK CFC provides quality polyurea flooring.

Contact us today to find out more about our industrial polyurea flooring range. Our passion is providing flooring for life.

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HAWK CFC provides quality industrial Polyurea Floor Technology to Perth and throughout Western Australia.

Polyurea is a super fast curing, tough protective coating. It has established itself as a fantastic product to line ute and truck trays, and proven itself to be hard-wearing, UV stable, flexible and an all-round durable surface coating for concrete. For some years now, it has been used in and increasingly developed for concrete flooring.

For a while, Polyurea was marketed as the perfect flooring product, ideal for all scenarios (some suppliers still claim this) but over time, as installers used the product, and as it was tested in real-life scenarios over the course of years, the general consensus came to be that it is not ideal for all circumstances, and has some weaknesses of its own. 

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It remains as a great product when used correctly by trained applicators, and primarily as a top coat over base products such as commercial grade epoxy resin.

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  • Fast Curing Coating

  • Seamless Finish

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Abrasion Resistant


Hawk CFC is trained in the use of Polyurea products from several suppliers, as well as a range of other flooring materials. We provide unbiased product specification, to suit the specific needs of your floor.

We pride ourselves, on being able to identify the need for a particular product, while also being able to prepare and install, high quality resins correctly. Polyurea products can provide great benefits, when utilised correctly, trust HAWK CFC to ensure your floor has the best possible chance of lasting a life time.

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