Safety Markings

Safety Markings

Safety Demarcation in Your Workplace

If You Are Considering Safety Demarcation, Tell us Up Front

Every resin has its strengths and weaknesses and not all resins play nicely together. Usually a safety demarcation requires either a bright colour, or a specific colour-matching in order to meet safety standards. Some resins dull down the brightness of colours by nature, others accentuate them. Setbacks can also involve stencils and templates if you require more complex safety demarcation. It’s best to let us know from the beginning even if you’re still tentative, then we can let you know all of your quoting options and make sure your work is not delayed for any reason.

For more details on Line Marking and safety demarcation, contact us or visit our Line Marking web page.

If you are considering safety demarcation, you may also need to consider colour-matching and slip-rating.

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