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HAWK CFC are the market leaders of epoxy flooring in Perth and throughout Western Australia.

Epoxy floor coatings provide a clean bright appearance, are available in a variety of colours and finishes including a range of beautiful decorative resin designs. Furthermore, these resins can also be modified to achieve a matte, satin or gloss appearance. As well as the aesthetic benefits, epoxy coatings provide a multitude of other functional benefits, such as; durability, chemical resistance and antimicrobial properties.

Epoxy flooring has been around for decades. With technological advances in recent years, new resins have transformed the industry and promoted epoxy from being “a good solution in most instances” to being “the premium solution for commercial & industrial concrete flooring”. The diversity of an epoxy floor coatings are such, that they can be installed over exiting tiles and coatings, as well as directly to concrete. In addition, The impressive performance characteristics of these resins include total rejection of bacteria and germs, seamless, waterproofed, impervious barrier to stains and allows for control-ability of slip resistance ratings.


HAWK CFC takes pride in the experience we have accumulated over more than a decade of service to the epoxy flooring industry. This, coupled with our dedication to employ and retain experienced staff, is what sets us apart from many other companies. We aim to provide flooring for the future, the combination of selecting the correct preparation techniques, products and application methods are essential in crafting a long lasting epoxy resin flooring system.

We are the chosen applicator of epoxy resin floors for many trusted manufacturers, architects, builders and of course end users. Our advanced training allows us to use some of the worlds most sought after products, some of which are not accessible to others, due to the complex nature and multi stage application requirements.


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  • Abrasion Resistant

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Slip Resistant

  • UV Stable

  • Low VOC

  • Colour Options



At HAWK concrete floor coatings, we pride ourselves on providing a fully comprehensive service, not only from start to finish but throughout the life of your floor. Our dedicated team are at hand to aid in assessing your needs and delivering the perfect flooring option. 

We provide you with a beautiful, hard wearing, slip resistant, UV stable epoxy flooring system and help you understand how to best maintain it. We are able to provide ongoing support and maintenance checks to ensure you get a life time flooring system.

Our long list of happy clients has fast become our most valuable asset. We are privileged to obtain much of our current work load from return or referred contacts.

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Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings provides a range of custom concrete floor solutions for residential commercial and industrial applications.