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Servicing all of Perth and Western Australia, Hawk CFC has over 10 years of experience providing premium durable coating solutions.

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High Quality Commercial Flooring Perth

Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings is a leading installer of a variety of different commercial flooring systems and commercial floor coatings. Based in Perth, Hawk CFC has expert knowledge in the use of industrial strength resins, performance coatings, and specialised sealing systems. Whether you need a high functioning safety floor or a simple seal or colour, we will work with you to find your best flooring option.

commercial flooring
commercial flooring
commercial flooring perth

It is our superior range of products and expertise that such a wide range of companies choose Hawk CFC for their flooring needs.

  • Warehouses

  • Shopping Centres

  • Community Centres
  • Office Buildings
  • Showrooms
  • Alfresco Areas
  • Workshops
  • Leisure Centres
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Food Production
  • Healthcare
  • Bars and Hotels

Commercial Flooring Services We Offer

Bars Clubs and Hotels Flooring Feature Image

Flooring For Bars, Clubs And Hotels

Whether you’re after a designer floor or a plain, functional floor, Hawk CFC has exclusive access to the most hard-wearing resin flooring systems in Perth. Our team are highly trained to provide you the best floor to suit your customised needs.

Restaurant Flooring Feature Image

Restaurant Flooring

Servicing all of Perth, Hawk CFC has over 10 years of experience providing premium Restaurant floors

Pub Flooring Feature Image

Pub Flooring

Servicing all of Perth, Hawk CFC has over 10 years of experience providing premium Pub floors

Commercial Kitchen Floors Feature Image

Commercial Kitchen

If a commercial kitchen floor is central to your business, then make the most of it by investing in a bright, seamless, clean, safe and hygienic resin floor.

Retail Flooring Feature Image

Shop Flooring

HAWK CFC has been trained in the use of industrial strength resins, performance coatings and specialised sealing systems to provide the best retail flooring for your space. We provide high quality, single component concrete sealers and the option to add colours to a concrete surface.

Showroom Floors Feature Image

Showroom Floors

Showrooms need to make a statement and the feel of the room needs to impress upon first stepping into the building. There is something about seamless flooring that creates a feeling of openness, cleanliness and makes people feel they’re in a safe space.

Winery And Cellar Floors Feature Image

Winery And Cellar Floors

Servicing all of Perth, Hawk CFC has over 10 years of experience providing premium Winery and Cellar floors

Shower Locker and Change Room Flooring Feature Image

Shower, Locker and Change Room Flooring

Wet areas can be a breeding ground for mould and bacteria, which is exacerbated by the presence of grout, seams and gaps in the flooring and cornices. Resin flooring is seamless and has no places for mould to grow.

What Types of Commercial Flooring Are Available?

1. Stain Protection Floor Sealers; designed to penetrate into and fill the pores of your floor slab to resist stains, contaminants, algae, oil and moisture.

2. Non-Slip Flooring; Anti-Slip rated surface coatings to get an R9-R13 rating to make your workplace safer

3. Decorative Epoxy Flooring; Check out our stunning range of decorative epoxy for showrooms, retail, and office spaces. Everything from Epoxy Marbling to Pearl Resin, to Stone Resin flooring.

4. Waterproof Coatings; HAWK CFC has the technology to waterproof a concrete slab without the use of membranes using penetrative waterproofing agents

5. Waterproof Membranes; flexible surface membranes, some of which can maintain under high traffic and are UV stable.

6. Dust-Proofing; designed to reduce the “dusting-off” of concrete, and wearing away of the surface

7. Concrete Painting: Epoxy “resin” or dedicated concrete sealers/coatings are a far better option than any kind of paint (even epoxy paint) when it comes to adhesion and longevity. We offer a budget-friendly epoxy resin that mimics the properties of paint without compromising on longevity. Hawk CFC does not recommend painting concrete under any circumstances.

8. Concrete Enhancers; As an alternative to polished concrete the Concrete Enhancer is a clear resin that highlights the natural beauty of a raw concrete slab, while protecting it at the same time

9. Safety Demarcation; when you need line-marking and safety zones

10. High Impact, Industrial Resin Flooring; High end flooring systems for maximum in hard-wearing performance

Benefits of Commercial Flooring

There is significant research that has been done to prove the sustainability of resin floor coatings under various harsh conditions. Our resins are scientifically designed and manufactured to withstand a large range of conditions including resisting dust, dirt, chemicals and heavy vehicle traffic. Our resin floors are suitable for a range of industries such as commercial kitchens, hospitality, bars, restaurants, cafes, pharmaceutical, warehouses, workshops, garages, retail, residential homes and many more.

What To Consider Before Purchasing Commercial Flooring Services

You will first notice your flooring is not living up to its potential when your workflow slows down or the overall look of your work space is deteriorating. The surface under your feet determines whether or not you can drive vehicles on it, walk quickly without slipping or tripping, use chemicals, oils or abrasive materials without fear of damage, spend hours cleaning it and generally just present a professional first impression to customers.

Why Choose Us

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West Australian Owned and Operated

Proudly Western Australian since 2014.

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Ask us about our Delamination Warranty that covers both Materials used as well as Workmanship.

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Custom Resins

Our Western Australian plant allows us to produce specific resins to achieve exact goals for our clients.

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Multiple Industries

We design specifically for the food industry, production, processing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, aged care industries, mechanical and equipment workshops, and many more.

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We tailor-make your safety epoxy flooring to achieve the desired cleanability and slip resistance rating to create a long-term, maintainable floor.

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FREE Consultation

Choosing a floor can be challenging. We’re here to guide you along every step of the way with neutral advice on what floor is the right option for your business.

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Safety First

Safety is at the core of our business values. Ask us how we can keep your team safe.

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From Manufacturing To Installation

Hawk CFC is the only West Australian installation company with its own local manufacturing plant. We can handle the entire process from production to installation to save you money.

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Flooring For LIFE

In 2014, Hawk CFC proposed to transform the food industry by removing the “grout & seams” Specialising in HACCP Accredited Silikal© GmbH Reactive Resins, Hawk CFC is passionate about providing its customers with seamless, easy-to-use and clean, non-slip surfaces.

Our Trusted Suppliers
RRTS – Rapid Return To Service Flooring

Hawk CFC specialises in minimising your downtime. We have heavy equipment to prep fast and rapid cure resins which often allow for immediate cure.

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Comprehensive Solutions Through Distributorships

Hawk CFC is the West Australian distributor for Silikal GmbH and Alluvius, as well as numerous accreditations for alternate suppliers.

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Multi-Layered Specialty Flooring Systems

Allow us to specify a flooring system that takes into account your unique environment and goals.

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Flex-Plate is found exclusivity at Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings.

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We’re happy to demonstrate our health and safety capabilities.

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Zero VOC Flooring

We offer beautiful, non-toxic, eco-friendly flooring.

Our Certifications

In food safety management, a fundamental approach to managing risk is implementing a HACCP system.
This acronym stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.

The development of a HACCP plan shall identify and manage the following types of hazard Biological, Chemical, Physical, Allergens, Quality, and Regulatory.

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Tauro Turf TV

Thanks to the Hawk CFC Team for your contribution to our company- great knowledge, and attention to detail, and a professional team.

Tauro Turf TV
Jarryd Chapman
Rhett is one of the best trade business owners I have met. Our renovation had complications, but he and his guys have worked tirelessly to achieve a unique and awesome floor. I’ve had some great trades on our recent renovation and Rhett has stood out as honest and passionate about what he does.
Jarryd Chapman
Springs Wholesale
Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings did an outstanding job with the high pressure clean and sealing of our driveway, garage & paving! Team were friendly & professional. We are actually getting more paving done with our landscaping, will need them back to seal the new paving too. Highly recommend Hawk for your next job residential or commercial.
Springs Wholesale
Stephen DAngelo
These guys did an amazing job on our kitchen floor and dining floor in our Fremantle cafe. Everyone is impressed and the health department loves it. Couldn’t recommend them more highly. Thanks guys.
Stephen D'Angelo
David Best
They are an amazing bunch of people. Really high standards set and maintained in all aspects of the job.
David Best
Connected with Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings through and we have confirmed that they would recommend them.

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