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Self Levelling Floor

Self levelling systems is a resurfacing system that has been formulated with polymers to have high flow characteristics to enable a concrete slab to be levelled, smoothed and aesthetically improved. As with all things in the concrete flooring industry there is a variety of products, each one suited to a specific environment.

1) Remedial Patch Repair Mortar

Patch repair mortar is used where a concrete surface has major damage such as pitting, gouging, missing concrete, or incisions. Used to fill these holes, the repair mortar is actually harder than the original slab, possessing greater abrasion resistance and hardness, and typically cures within hours of placement. Some of these materials are epoxy or urethane modified.

2) Industrial Floor Resurfacing

Industrial or commercial flooring scenarios require much than your typical cement screed, and more than standard polymer modified resurfacers. Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings is accredited and trained to use the ERFLA Systems: a self-levelling floor comprised of an adhesion primer, and a 5-20mm self-smoothing concrete trafficable to heavy machinery, trucks, forklifts and heavy foot traffic.

3) Cement Screeds

A cement screed or topping is the weakest of all resurfacing systems and is generally not self-levelling, nor can it be considered a finished floor without being tiled or covered with other hard flooring types. Cement screeds can be worked to varying depths/heights, with falls to drains, and can have waterproofing agents added.

4) Decorative Self Levelling Floors

Decorative self levelling floors are finished to a wear surface, able to be worked or lived on without further treatments. The range of these concrete floors is endless and the colours and styles are stunning. The raw beauty of concrete is hard to beat – unlike painted surfaces, concrete has a natural appeal with variations of colour (wash).

5) Self Levelling Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is used as a floor resurfacing material because of its impressive chemical properties. A high quality epoxy self-levels to a glass-smooth finish that has twice the compressive strength of concrete, is completely water-tight, and is often thought to be the most diverse floor finish available with variable levels of slip resistance, texture, colour, thickness, and pattern

Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings is a professional application team, with a solid reputation for cost-effective and performance-effective solutions.

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Benefits of Self Levelling Floor

– The ability to specify exact flooring heights
– The ability to modify the colour of your floor
– Increasing the strength and serviceability properties of your floor
– Decorative options to choose from
– Impervious and food-grade systems available
– Create a level surface – reduced valleys and high points

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