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Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings is a leading installer of a variety of different retail and commercial flooring systems and coatings in Perth and throughout Western Australia.

Watch the video to see the finished floor at the new European Ceramics showroom in Osborne Park.

HAWK CFC has been trained in the use of industrial strength resins, performance coatings and specialised sealing systems to provide the best retail flooring for your space. We provide high quality, single component concrete sealers and the option to add colours to a concrete surface. Resin-based flooring systems for the retail sector are without a doubt able to withstand the rigorous heavy foot traffic, spills and cleaning regimes required to keep a commercial space neat and tidy.

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Using a team like Hawk CFC to install a seamless resin flooring system will help you to satisfy Work OH&S requirements and achieve Health Standards. Let us know what you are aiming to achieve and we will help you meet your obligations with WorkSafe and local Health Authorities. Our HACCP accredited systems provide completely seamless, hard-wearing, anti-slip, anti-microbial, impervious and stylish flooring that will outlast and outperform more traditional flooring options such as tile and vinyl.

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    Commercial-grade, Retail Flooring is our passion and there are many options available. Our flooring technicians are experts in all aspects of commercial resin-based flooring systems & are able to provide advice regarding design, supply and installation of all types of commercial flooring in order to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

    We offer many types of commercial coating options, read more below to find out what types of options are available.


    At Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings, we guarantee a fully comprehensive service, not only from start to finish but throughout the life of your floor. Our dedicated team are at hand to aid in assessing your needs and delivering the perfect flooring option for your space.

    We don’t cut corners and we simply don’t compromise on quality. ‘Flooring for life’ means a floor that suits your life and will last a lifetime.

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    See below our most popular options for retail floor coatings. There are a variety of designer and mono-colour options available.

    ERFLA Mineral Rich RFSL

    ERFLA Mineral Rich RFSL
    How to Measure Your Floor

    Area / Size
    Even just knowing a rough area size will be helpful. We can properly measure your space at a later date.

    The Cost of an Epoxy Floor Coating

    We can work with all budgets to meet your needs.

    Understanding Slip Resistence

    Slip Rating
    What level of slip resistance will you require to keep you safe?

    Heavy Foot and Vehicle Traffic

    Foot & Vehicle Traffic
    What types and volume of traffic are you expecting?

    Designer Flooring

    Designer or Mono
    What is the final finish you want on your floor? Single-colour or designer finish?

    Existing Floor Removal

    Existing Floor
    What is on the floor currently? Does it need removing? If bare concrete, is it old or new?

    Rapid Cure Resin

    Curing Time
    How much downtime can you afford? In some instances we can arrange an overnight return to service.

    Waterproofing Flooring

    Water Proofing
    Will the floor come into contact with rain or other large volumes of water?