Silikal Quartzite Designer Floor

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Beautiful and Practical Quartzite Flooring

Watch the video to see the installation of a red quartzite floor in Mrs Macs Pie Factory in Perth in less than 4 hours.

Silikal Quartzite flooring is Perth’s most popular flooring for commercial kitchen floors, restaurants, cafes, shopping centres and other commercial applications. Not only is it a great-looking floor, but it is a food-grade, HACCP accredited, seamless flooring system that keeps any dirt and spills on the surface, maintaining maximum clean-ability. You can find this flooring exclusively at Hawk CFC.

Some of the benefits of the Silikal Quartzite range is that it is perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, it is a rapid-cure resin with immediate return-to-service capabilities, it is food-safe with HACCP Accreditation, it includes a moisture barrier as well as a flexible layer between the substrate and the surface, allowing a range of movement and a little bit of flex in the flooring, it can be left as a granite-type surface or it can be ground back to smooth. Watch the video below to see its amazing stain-repellency, see as a little bit of wind catches the water droplets and sends them running in fear!

Commercial Coating After 3
MMA Drain Installation
Commercial Kitchen Flooring In Use


The Silikal Quartzite flooring system is not only a great-looking floor, but also a highly functional floor. With a range of quartz colours to choose from, this floor will also give superior protection to your flooring, is super hard-wearing to withstand a variety of foot and vehicle traffic, is UV resistant, waterproof and fast-curing. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better floor on the market, so it’s no wonder it has been specifically specified by a variety of builders and companies around Perth.

This Flooring system is suitable for residential applications, retail, commercial kitchens, factories, and warehouse – more than capable of handling truck and forklift traffic. It is also suitable for external areas including driveways, car parks, verandas and showrooms. Whenever we install a Silikal Quartzite floor, it is always followed by a range of admirers asking after it. Have your floor become the centre of attention and inquire about the Silikal Quartzite flooring today.

Benefits of Silikal Quartzite Flooring

  • INSTANT return to service means less downtime
  • HACCP Accredited
  • Zero VOC
  • Industrial-Strength and excessivley hard-wearing
  • Has a flex layer beneath the surface for minor flex characteristics
  • Seamless
  • Incredibly good looking
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Over-Engineered for Peace of Mind

Here at Hawk CFC, we use the same resin in a commercial kitchen as we do in residential homes; all Silikal resins are industrial-strength, they are engineered in Germany  for and shipped directly to us in Perth. We will modify the resin to suit your specific requirements, making every single job a custom project, unique to your space. You will have the peace-of-mind that your flooring is built to last and engineered for the most brutal of environments. Silikal flooring will out-live and out-perform any other flooring of its kind on the market and can be found exclusively in WA at Hawk CFC.

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