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Silikal R62

Self Levelling Flexibility Layer

SILIKAL R 62 resin is a medium-viscosity methacrylic resin that is outstandingly suitable for self-levelling coatings of 1 – 4 mm, predominantly indoors or as a top coat for elastic floorings outdoors. Coatings with SILIKAL R 62 resin can bridge cracks to certain degree. Visually appealing surfaces and systems can be developed when used in conjunction with a variety of fillers, pigments or decorative materials.SILIKAL R 62 resin is characterized by good low properties and therefore tends not to form trowel marks, assuming that the suggested filler recipe is used. The slight plasticization ensures universal application. SILIKAL R 62 resin is roughly comparable with SILIKAL R 61 resin in terms of its physical characteristics. SILIKAL R 62 resin is predominantly recommended for sprinkling coloured flakes (loosely or saturated) and for smooth, universal shades. The surface is preferably applied with SILIKAL R 72 resin.

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Silikal R62 MSDS

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