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Silikal R68 Cold-Storage Resin

High Flex & Crack Bridging For Freezers & Chillers

Designed for when there’s movement in the slab due to extreme cold temperatures, the R68 resin has the ability to contract and expand with the temperatures and the concrete slab. The extreme flexibility gives impact resistance and provides some comfort as you walk.

SILIKAL R 68 resin is a solvent-free, 2-component methacrylic resin of high impact resistance and good flexibility whose highly-molecular structure makes it outstandingly suitable for self-levelling coatings subject to extreme stresses, predominantly outdoors or for cold stores. Coatings made from SILIKAL R 68 resin are durably elastic and able to crack bridging. SILIKAL R 68 resin is characterized by outstanding impact resistance. Its high elasticity ensures lasting crackbridging, so that substrate movements can be better absorbed. The good flexibility improves its behaviour outdoors inthe event of changes in climate or load stresses on bridge roadways or in cold stores. Because of the high viscosity,the coarse particles of the filler remains longer in the self-levelling recipe suspension, so that no separation between fine and coarse particles occurs within the flooring (particle homogeneity). This has a further beneficial effect on crackbridging.

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Silikal R68 Cold Resin Storage MSDS

Silikal R68 Cold Storage Resin TDS

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