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Silikal R72 Mono Colour

Hard Wearing & Chemical Resistant Top Coat

SILIKAL R 72 resin is a solvent-free, medium-viscosity 2-component methacrylic resin offering high hardness and low yellowing. This resin is used as a colourless, highly wear-resistant top coat for decorative smooth coatings on coloured fl akes and coloured sand and as a pigmented top coat with enhanced fl ow properties. Because of the high hardness, elastic systems such as SILIKAL RV 368 or SILIKAL R 61 HW resin must not be worked over directly with SILIKAL R 72 resin. In these cases an intermediate coat of SILIKAL R 61 or SILIKAL R 62 resin must be applied, as otherwise movement caused by temperature will lead to hairline cracks forming in the top coat.

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Silikal R72 MSDS

Silikal R72 TDS

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