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Silikal RE42

Super Low Viscosity & Pressure Water Resistant Concrete Primer

RE42 is a penetrative Epoxy that is an exceptionally useful product for damp or moisture-compromised concrete slabs. As high relative humidity is one of the main causes of floor failures. Silikal have formulated a unique solution with RE42 which is based on epoxy chemistry, but has ultra-high penetrability and leaves a zero film thickness on the surface, doing all of its waterproofing work inside the pours of the concrete. This is not a membrane that can be scratched or gouged and is a permanent waterproofing solution for underneath resin, vinyl, tiles, floorboards and other types of flooring.

Product properties

• excellent penetration capabilities into concrete / floor screed
• not film forming
• permanent sealant (withstands water pressure)
• improves the mechanical properties of concrete surfaces (abrasion resistance, tensile strength)
• steam brake, CO2-diffusion brake
• high chemical resistance (oil, grease, kerosene, etc.)
• prevents penetration of chlorides etc.
• easy-to-clean surface
• UV resistant
• simple and quick application
• fast curing

Siikal Drum

Silikal RE 42 MSDS Part B

Silikal RE 42 MSDS Part B

Silikal RE 42 TDS

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