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Silikal RU321 Waterproofing Membrane

Flexible Waterproofing

RU321 is an elastomeric pigmented, highly durable, waterproof membrane with has crack-bridging properties, high tensile strength and high flexural strength. The RU321 resin is needed when there is a compromised concrete substrate or moisture-related issue (passage of moisture), when when waterproofing is needed to stop passage of moisture or ensure long-term impermeability of concrete substrate. This product is not designed as top-coat, but either as an underlayment underneath tiles, paving or vinyl, or it can be converted to a floor finish with the addition of R62 and R68 plus R72 topcoat.

Due to its extreme flexibility, it cannot be coated with a rigid resin, instead, application must include an intermediary resin followed by a durable topcoat.

Siikal Drum

Silikal RU321 MSDS

Silikal RU321 TDS

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    How it Works

    Diagram: Waterproof Detail Internal Concave Corner Tilt-Panel
    Diagram: Flexible Jointing Detail Over Existing 50mm Joint