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Tile Removal

Removal of Tiles, Carpet, Vinyl, Floorboards, & Other Floor Finishes

As part of Hawk CFC’s complete flooring service, often-times there is an existing floor finish that needs to be removed. Regardless of whether you require the floor to be refinished, we can take care of the tile removal.

Tile removal doesn’t have to be an overly dusty process – with dust entrapment systems available the floor can be diamond ground to remove tile glue, grout, contamination and stains, ready for waterproofing, polishing, or floor installation.

Hawk CFC organises the removal of the tiles or other floor coverings from site leaving you with one less headache to worry about!

Tile Removal

Professional Service

Tile Removal


Floor Glue removal

Glue and Residue Removal

Tile Removal

Fast and Efficient

Also available is a range of self-levelling systems to raise the floor back to the original tiled height.

Have You Considered Option 2?

As an alternative option to removing existing tiles, there is the option of having an Epoxy Resin Flooring System installed directly to the prepared tiled surface. There is a range of non-slip, safety, or decorative floors to choose from that will transform the area, without reducing the height of your floor. Epoxy resin can be installed at only 1-3mm in thickness, not affecting existing falls or heights.

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Pros and Cons of Tile Removal


  • Removing tiles can reveal soft, moist or mouldy concrete which can be properly dealt with for a longer-lasting floor
  • There is much less chance of ‘ghosting’, the showing through of the grout lines through the new resin floor
  • There is less chance of movement under the floor
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Pros and Cons of Tile Removal


  • Tile removal can leave divots in the concrete which will need to be repaired
  • Any repairs in the concrete will show through if a clear sealer or concrete enhancer is applied to the concrete or if the concrete is polished
  • It is an extra step and extra cost in a new floor installation
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