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Servicing all of Perth, Hawk CFC has over 17 years of experience providing premium durable coating solutions

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For excellence and quality in all warehouses across Perth and WA, Hawk CFC are a head above the rest.

We simply do not compromise on quality and we customise all of our resin to suit your unique and individual needs.

Watch the video and see the transformation of the new Statewide Bearings Wearhouse as the ERFLA Mineral-Rich RFSL is laid down.

Whether you have a production line, factory, storage facility, or other commercial premise, your warehouse is sure to get its’ fair share of traffic, spills, drops and abuse. Sometimes it’s simply out of the question to invest in resin flooring for an old warehouse floor, yet you still need to protect it from becoming damaged, soiled, slippery and littered with trip hazards over time. Hawk CFC have solutions for you that won’t break the bank and will protect your warehouse and your assets, read further for more information on budget-friendly solutions. For more information on industrial coatings for warehouses and workshops, visit our Industrial Flooring page to find out more.

Warehouse Floor
Warehouse Line Marking
Warehouse/Workshop Flooring

Some of the most common threats for warehouse flooring includes moisture in the slab, cracking from heavy pressure of vehicles and chemicals dropping on the ground. Hawk CFC can offer budget-friendly solutions to your warehouse needs that will enhance the natural colour of the concrete slab, penetrates deep into the concrete, hardens the slab from the inside of the pores, provide stain resistance, offer a return to service within hours, with surface preparation and application often completed within a single day,  with a single application and permanent results.

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    The great benefit of the Hawk CFC range of resin floors and sealers is that they are set it apart from their competitors and they area one-time, permanent treatment, saving you the exercise of clearing out the warehouse floor for a re-application every few years. Resin coatings bond permanently to your floor, increasing the concrete’s strength and longevity and more able to withstand damage of all kinds including gouging, scratches, fretting, wear and tear, and staining.


    All too often, we see warehouses that have been left unprotected or un-coated for far too long, and the cost to remedy the years of damage and restore the floor to a workable surface far exceeds what it would have been to protect it at the beginning. While it can feel like an unnecessary investment, you will begin to realise your folly in not investing early when your business slows down on account of a fast-wearing floor. However, Hawk CFC will work with you to meet your budgetary requirements, not matter how damaged your floor may be because we believe in flooring for life: Your flooring effects your life. it should suit your life and it should last a lifetime.

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    See below our most popular options for Warehouse floor coatings, however there are a variety of options available.

    ERFLA Mineral Rich RFSL

    ERFLA Mineral Rich RFSL

    ERFLA Triple-Seal

    ERFLA Triple-Seal
    How to Measure Your Floor

    Area / Size
    Even just knowing a rough area size will be helpful. We can properly measure your space at a later date.

    The Cost of an Epoxy Floor Coating

    We can work with all budgets to meet your needs.

    Understanding Slip Resistence

    Slip Rating
    What level of slip resistance will you require to keep you safe?

    Heavy Foot and Vehicle Traffic

    Foot & Vehicle Traffic
    What types and volume of traffic are you expecting?

    Line Marking and Safety Demarcation

    Line Marking
    Is safety demarcation / line marking a requirement for your workspace?

    HACCP Certified

    Do you require HACCP accreditation or Food-Grade Solutions?

    Colour Matching

    Colour Matching
    Do you require the colouring of your floor to be coded to your Company colours?

    Chemical Resistent Flooring

    Chemical Resistance
    What types of chemicals are stored and is chemical resistance required?

    Designer Flooring

    Designer or Mono
    What is the final finish you want on your floor? Single-colour or designer finish?

    Existing Floor Removal

    Existing Floor
    What is on the floor currently? Does it need removing? If bare concrete, is it old or new?

    Rapid Cure Resin

    Curing Time
    How much downtime can you afford? In some instances we can arrange an overnight return to service.

    Waterproofing Flooring

    Water Proofing
    Will the floor come into contact with rain or other large volumes of water?